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Top 04 Reasons To Choose Whitening Whitening Stickers

Whitening There Are A Lot Of Choices And Is A Whitening Shape The Best Option?

A white tooth for a charming smile ... Surely no one can deny the role of the process today make up oral in life again, right? A white teeth not only help you look beautiful, more confident but also reflects you have a good oral health. And for whitening teeth there are many options, but choosing a whitening paste is a good choice, optimal, let's see the following article ...

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Top 04 Reasons You Should Have A Bright White Teeth

  • Everyone wants to own a "million-dollar smile" - white as bright as the movie stars.
  • A beautiful, confident smile is the top factor to make a good impression on the other person.
  • With the current strong development of dental technology, it is not difficult for consumers to access the most suitable whitening method.
  • Besides the traditional options at the clinic such as laser whitening, plasma whitening ... from about 10 years now, whitening strips at home emerged as the most effective and convenient option for money.

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Then Whitening strips are really the best whitening option for everyone?

The American Dental Association (ADA) has always produced reports proving the safety and effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in the process of improving tooth color over the past 10 years. And let's see the top 4 reasons to use whitening strips for whitening.


Currently, all kinds of whitening strips are integrated with very advanced technologies, confident about the commitments, the eraser brings high efficiency and safety after each use of the product. The average of using the product to see the effect, you need to use after 7 days with regular whitening strips, but for the types of high-grade whitening strips, you see the result after 2 to 3 days of use. use.

The degree of effectiveness and ability to observe the naked eye from whitening patches will vary depending on the location of each person, and the color of the teeth when starting the procedure. The teeth of Asians are generally more prone to discoloration than people from other continents due to their eating habits and living environment.

Whether you have whitening at a dentist or any other method other than whitening strips, the results cannot last forever. Because during eating and drinking, oral hygiene because your teeth will stain over time. Therefore, when using a whitening patch will save you time, cost and initiative in reusing and prolonging the whiteness of teeth.

According to the experience of the US consumer, combining periodic whitening strips with brushing with toothpaste with active whitening active ingredients will help maintain the whiteness of teeth for a longer time. While whitening strips activate the natural white color of the teeth from the inside, toothpaste helps eliminate discoloring agents from the foods we use every day.

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Cost - Price

Currently on the market not only in Vietnam but in the world, there are many product lines and brands of whitening strips. They have a high price difference because their effectiveness is also different, specifically the detergent and technology used in each type is different.

Normally you will spend about 50,000 VND or more for each paste, and a complete process usually lasts from 7 to 20 days. P&G America's Crest 3D White Professional Effects is the best sticker in the world today, based on customer reviews from major U.S. distribution channels (WalMart, Costco, Amazon and Pharmapacks).

Recommended as well as the experience of using whitening strips of Americans, use the time spacing from 1 to 2 times in 1 month howajc before traveling, participating in the project, .... Because this is used for the purpose of helping your teeth get enough brightness, necessary to create your confidence in front of the crowd and lenses. However, if you are new to whitening strips for the first time, you should paste the entire procedure according to the user manual to achieve the maximum effect possible.

Whitening properties it will be less dependent on the method that will depend on each person's location will have different whiteness. Therefore, the whitening at the dental clinic will cost you a lot of money but not sure you achieve the results as others. Therefore, the use of whitening strips is the most suitable, feasible and guaranteed for you today.

Easy to use

When using whitening strips at home, you can easily self-paste them whenever you are free. This is an advantage compared to having to apply professional machinery and experienced skills of a dentist when whitening teeth in a dental clinic.

Whitening strips usually consist of two parts: the lower jaw and the upper jaw, with the paste clearly stated in the instructions for use. During the whitening paste process, you are also completely comfortable limbs to do other common tasks. After 30-60 minutes, depending on the type of paste, peel off the patch and rinse your mouth.

Side effects

The active ingredient used in whitening strips is the same as the active ingredient used in other common teeth whitening methods at the dental clinic, with the main being hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (specialized for dentistry, not common raw peroxide). The active ingredient is harmless to adults, but women in the second half of pregnancy may need to consult with a specialist.

In general, when teeth are exposed to peroxide for prolonged periods of time (for example, over an hour), some people with sensitive teeth may experience occasional tooth sensitivity during the paste process and Maybe 1-2 days after pasting. If your teeth are sensitive, use them in combination with toothpaste supports for sensitive teeth, stick a whitening paste over time, and consult a dentist if necessary.

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  • - Commit to the actual product as described on the website

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