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Top 5 Sewing, Sewing, and Sewing Uniforms in Bac Giang

Uniform is considered an indispensable outfit to help create the cohesion, culture, brand of an organization, businesses, companies, schools, ... At the same time, it is also a factor contributing to spreading the image. organizations (companies, classes, ...) to the community.

Therefore, making uniforms that are impressive, unique and imprinted by his organization is extremely important. To do that, you need to choose for yourself a professional, reputable sewing facility. If you are in Bac Giang and need a uniform but do not know which address to send, you can refer to the article below.

Sewing Uniform, Print Embroidery T-shirts In Bac Giang

1. Dony garment processing workshop: Over 30 years of experience specializing in sewing, printing, embroidery uniform clothes, T-shirts, workwear

Dony is one of the uniform sewing addresses that many customers and partners in Bac Giang appreciate. With over 30 years of experience specializing in sewing, printing, embroidery uniforms, t-shirts, workwear, this unit has delivered thousands of quality products, beautiful designs and affordable prices to customers. affordable.

sewing uniforms, printing T-shirts in Bac GiangMachine shop uniform, embroidery embroidery prestige shirt - quickly

Dony specializes in trading items such as:

  • Producing uniforms for companies, factories, teams - with the typical customers segment: office, spa, cafe, gym, worker protection, hotel restaurant, PG, supermarket, security guards, hospitals, students.
  • Fashion production for fashion brands and shops.
  • Export production of EXW, FOB, CIF, DAT, DAP, ...

Besides, this unit also owns the highlights that it is hard for anyone to ignore the good sewing address such as:

  • Low product cost, saving 20% costs for businesses.
  • Good product quality, ensure indicators of: sweat absorption, ruffling time, color fastness, allergen chemical index, elasticity, dryness, sterility, peeling, static electricity , insulation.
  • Able to blend a variety of fabrics together to meet stringent quality requirements from customers.
  • Free design, make samples (many sizes) and send free samples nationwide. Commit the real product to wear on a beautiful standard form
  • Making packages from raw materials to sewing, embroidery, finishing products to delivery.
  • Transparent and clear quotes.
  • There is a regime of money back guarantee 100% to ensure quality and time - Only pay when the product is satisfactory.
  • Reviewed appreciated for service attitude and product quality.

Top 5 Places to Make Uniform, Print and Embroidery In Bac Giang - - Bac Giang | Bac Giang Garment Company | BT Fashion Company 12Price list when sewing uniforms, embroidery T-shirts at Dony

With such outstanding advantages, this is definitely the address that businesses and units are looking for. However, you should note that Dony only accepts orders over 30 pieces. Contact Dony now for advice and see more product samples.

Contact information:

  • Sample workshop & Office: 142/4 Bau Cat 2, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM
  • Sewing workshop: 355/23 Tân Hóa canal, Tân Phú, HCM
  • Embroidery workshop: 8 New Steel, Tan Binh, HCM
  • Phone: 0901893234 (Ms Anh) - 0938508078 (Ms Thi) - Hotline: 1900.9449
  • Website:
  • Email:

2. Ha Bac Garment Export Company

Ha Bac Export Garment Joint Stock Company is one of the prestigious and quality uniform sewing addresses in Bac Giang. With many years of experience in consulting, designing, and producing thousands of quality uniforms from models, materials and prices, Hebei is always the first choice of many businesses and organizations. in Bac Giang.

Top 5 Places to Make Uniform, Print and Embroidery In Bac Giang - - Bac Giang | Bac Giang Garment Company | BT Fashion Company 14Uniform samples at Ha Bac Export Garment Company

Besides, this unit also has many attractive incentive policies for customers who order large quantities. Guarantee customers' rights if the defective item will be returned. Please contact for further advice.

Contact information:

  • Address: Dinh Tram Industrial Park, Nga Tu Dinh Tram, Hong Thai Ward, H. Viet Yen, Bac Giang
  • Phone: 020.4367.4178

3. Vina Hanhee Company

Vina Hanhee Co., Ltd is also specialized in uniforms with good quality, low price. This unit provides and produces a full range of uniforms for all industries, all models and designs such as: Office uniforms, worker uniforms, school uniforms, workwear, T-shirts , hotel restaurant uniforms ...

sewing uniforms, printing T-shirts in Bac GiangSample beautiful uniforms at Vina Hanhee Co., Ltd.

Each product of Vina Hanhee is very fashionable, has high aesthetic and is manufactured with the best material. Ensure good sweat absorbency, seam, sleek. Ensure absolute satisfaction for customers.

Contact information:

  • Address: Thôn Mèo Gà, Xã Phượng Sơn, Lục Ngạn District, Bắc Giang
  • Phone: 020.4369.6345

4. BT Fashion Company

BT Fashion Co., Ltd is known as the unit specializing in sewing T-shirt uniforms, workwear, hotel and restaurant uniforms, school uniforms, spa, pg ... famous in Bac Giang. With many years of experience, BT Fashion has provided thousands of uniforms for companies and units throughout the country and abroad.

Top 5 Places to Make Uniform, Print and Embroidery In Bac Giang - - Bac Giang | Bac Giang Garment Company | BT Fashion Company 17BT Fashion Co., Ltd specializes in accepting uniforms, embroidered t-shirts reputation

This unit has the advantage of manufacturing facilities, possessing many high-tech machines, so each product delivered to customers is strictly censored, meeting standards for materials, designs, seams, etc. Besides, the product price of this unit is also very affordable, so businesses and units that are in need of sewing uniforms should not be ignored.

Contact information:

  • Address: 188 Hoang Hoa Tham, TT. Bich Dong, H. Viet Yen, Bac Giang
  • Phone: 020.4387.5268

5. Bac Giang Garment Company

Not on this list, Bac Giang Garment Company is also one of the leading prestige - quality uniform units in Bac Giang. Here, outstanding products such as school uniforms, students, office uniforms, restaurant - hotel uniforms, resorts, casino, aviation uniforms, ... with the most competitive prices on the market. school.

Top 5 Places to Make Uniform, Print and Embroidery In Bac Giang - - Bac Giang | Bac Giang Garment Company | BT Fashion Company 19Samples of uniforms at Bac Giang Garment Company

The products of this unit are always highly appreciated by the beautiful design and the elastic fabric of 100% cotton to help customers feel more comfortable when campaigning. Besides, this unit also has many very attractive purchase policies, please come for advice, choose the right uniforms for your specific machine.

Contact information:

  • Address: Giáp Hải, Thôn Đình Kè, Bắc Giang
  • Phone: 020.4385.4655

Whether it is to promote the brand or strengthen the solidarity and increase the cohesion for the members of the organization or business, it is extremely important to own the quality t-shirts. Refer to the list above to choose the best shipping address to help your business stand out and bring its own distinctive characteristics.

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