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Top 10 Plasma Cutting Machines That Worth Buying Today

Genuine plasma cutting machine where do you buy it? Before answering this question, let's go through the operation of the plasma cutter. Plasma cutting machine is a kind of machine when operating creates extremely hot conductive Plasma rays capable of cutting almost any material such as: thick iron plate, thick brass plate, ...

List of 10 Models Plasma Imports Genuine Imports Most Buyed Today

Plasma cutting machine It is now a very popular machine and an indispensable product in the workshops in the cutting and die making industry. Currently, the design of the type genuine plasma cutting machine extremely diverse import goods, functions, uses and indicators of different. And the following TopnList Please share the list of the 10 most popular imported plasma cutters on the market today.


The first to share on this list is the genuine plasma cutter POWERMAX105. This is the current machine is quite versatile because there is a manual cutting mode or automatic cutting when combined with computer software cutting applications.

POWERMAX105 genuine plasma cutting machine

Advantages of POWERMAX105 genuine plasma cutting machines:

  • Fast cutting speed,
  • Applying Smart Sence technology increases extremely high accuracy,
  • CNC interface and flexible mine change kit (ETR ™),
  • Application of SpringStart technology increases stability of cutting.

POWERMAX105 Plasma Cutting Machine Specifications

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XPR300 is a genuine plasma cutting system which is believed to be the latest in plasma cutting technology. With X-Definition ™ technology, the XPR300 plasma cutter does not cut the best on stainless steel, black steel and aluminum. The total cutting degree of XPR300 fast 15%, thus increasing productivity, reducing transportation costs.

XPR300 is a product that achieves both ISO 2 and 3 criteria.

Plasma Cutting System XPR300 XPR300 system specifications

View details and buy genuine XPR300 plasma cutter at:

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Flexible Powermax45 flexible plasma cutter can be used automatically or manually. With flexibility along with cutting the thickness of the metal surface up to 12mm then POWERMAX 45 has become a bestselling product on the market that many people choose.

POWERMAX 45 plasma cutting machine genuine

With its versatility, it can be applied to many jobs such as punching, pattern cutting quickly and flexibly.

The use of eyebrow coolers in Powercool ™ matures thus making the process efficient and productive. In parallel with the inner cooler, there is an Auto-voltage ™ function which automatically stabilizes with a 1-phase electric oscillation from 200 V - 240 V.

Specifications of POWERMAX 45 plasma cutter

Refer to buying products at:

POWERMAX85 Hypertherm

POWERMAX85 Hypertherm combines the latest technology and the new Four Duramax ™ cutting torch, together with the 85 Ampe Plasma source, the Hypertherm genuine Powermax85 plasma cutter becomes the No. 1 cutting system for manual and automatic cutting as well as chisel application. hole.

POWERMAX85 genuine plasma cutter

You can find and buy POWERMAX85 genuine plasma cutting products at:

Parameters genuine plasma cutting machine POWERMAX85

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Genuine plasma cutting machine HPR260XD is a combination of advantages such as: high speed cutting, fast process rotation and high reliability to achieve maximum cutting productivity in production. Like the HPR130XD, the HPR260XD plasma cutting system incorporates patented True Hole technology for very high cutting quality.

Top 10 Plasma Cutters of the Most Worth Buying Today - genuine plasma cutters - HPR130XD | HPR260XD | MAXPRO200 9

Moreover, HPR260XD has extremely high quality cuts, no slag cuts. Ability to cut metal plates such as: Carbon steel: up to 64 mm, stainless steel: 50 mm.

Top 10 Plasma Cutters of the Most Worth Buying Today - genuine plasma cutters - HPR130XD | HPR260XD | MAXPRO200 11

Buy products at:


Plasma cutting system MAXPRO200 Hypertherm is a flawless product of Hypertherm with the design of classic tradition and modern technology. When MAXPRO200 works, you will be able to cut the quality that not all models of the same class can do it.

Plasma cutting machine system MAXPRO200

MAXPRO200's cutting ability is quite diverse and wide such as: Low carbon steel, the thickness is up to 20 mm, the maximum cut thickness up to 75 mm, ...

Parameters Plasma Cutting Machine System MAXPRO200

Refer and buy products:


Automatic plasma cutting system HPR130XD for cutting-edge HyDefinition cutting-edge, with cutting cost only half. Very flat stain surface, absolutely no slag. Fast cutting speed, longer electrode time.

HPR130XD automatic plasma cutting system

In particular, with the feature of the technology is licensed True Hole, allowing holes with quality comparable to mechanical bores. It can be said that True Hole ™ cutting technology is a revolution of plasma cutting process. True Hole ™ cutting technology is applied to carbon steel that cuts blow holes with significantly better quality than previously possible plasma cutting equipment. This is achieved entirely by automatic adjustment machines without user intervention

Product parameters HPR130XD automatic plasma cutting system

See more information and buy genuine plasma cutting machines:


With the latest technology that automatically adjusts the air pressure, Powermax65 Works better than previous models. Four Duramax ™ cutting torch makes it easier and more flexible for users. Powermax65 plasma cutting machine has many other applications which are: · Manual cutting · Punching · CNC automatic cutting · XY cutting table · Cutting with rails running · Pipe cutting system · Robot system.

POWERMAX 65 plasma cutter Review of the specifications of POWERMAX 65

View information and buy products:


Genuine Plasma cutting machine Powermax 45XP is a multifunction device that can be used in all positions such as workshops, factories, at home or on the jobsite. Powermax cuts on different metals with different sizes, thicknesses, different shapes. Hypertherm series machines will help users to cut and process jobs faster, easier, and with higher accuracy at lower costs.

POWERMAX 45XP plasma cutter product Specifications of POWERMAX 45XP plasma cutter

View product purchase:


Powermax 30XP is a portable, compact size portable plasma cutter suitable for construction projects. The machine uses compressed air or nitrogen to cut conductive metal.

Powermax 30XP plasma cutting machine

Powermax 30XP Specifications

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Above all, TopnList has shared and introduced to you 10 genuine plasma cutting products that are bought and used by many people today. Actually there are quite a lot of other products so you can contact VE GA TECHNOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT JSC For advice and support soonest.

Genuine Plasma Cutting Machine POWERMAX105 XPR300
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