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Who are we?

The Vietnam TopnList Community (we) is a collection of passionate people who aggregate and share information, bringing the most useful information to users. Thereby we want to build a community page to share lists of objective evaluation from all issues, all topics in life from a multi-dimensional perspective. You can still be a member of Vietnam TopnList Community, Please submit articles in the form of a Listing about services and products that you have learned and are interested in with the Vietnam TopnList Community. here

How Are We Useful?

In today's society, a fact, and the obvious thing for everyone, is that many questions like mouth-to-mouth questions that are difficult to answer specific, accurate and satisfied, can be: Today eating what? Which is the best restaurant? Which address is the best? Which service should be used? Where to go beautiful? ... Because there are so many things to choose from when you decide to buy any product, use any service, you must be confused in the vast amount of information from reality to the internet in general.

That's why the TopnList Vietnam Community was created with the purpose of finding, aggregating and evaluating those services, products, and locations from the community into an article. Maybe the list is only 5, 6 or 10 or 11, .... or more. Depending on the amount of appreciation shared, more or less by all people in different communities and sources of information. From there, the list can be considered as the best reference shared at TopnList Vietnam with the purpose to help you refer more specifically to a topic that is searching, summarizing objectively from those who used or from yourself.

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The Vietnamese TopnList Community is reliable 100% or not?

Definitely IS NOT. Because all the articles in TopnList are articles that summarize multi-dimensional opinions and give specific lists, that is, they are only for reference but condensed into an article for you to easily join. more focused on rather than articles certifying and verifying products and services quality. Therefore, you should consult and then must contact for specific advice when you want to buy products, want to use the service at the selected place.

About the article at TopnList is a team of members specializing in market survey of leading companies in Vietnam. Therefore, there is also a more objective part of our List articles. More specifically, the articles at TopnList Vietnam Community are articles, comments, reviews, references and feedback from all of you about the addresses, locations, services and products you have used via.

Is Vietnam TopnList Community Limited?

IS NOT! Articles in Vietnam TopnList Community are not limited to any topic at all. Because based on reality with the list delineation, the more diverse, the richer. Therefore, the TopnList Vietnam Community aims to cover all topics, services, all aspects of your life, around you.

Topics in Vietnam TopnList Community:

Below is a list of top topics and categories TopnList mentions, and in those topics will try to attach as many and as many related posts as possible, and constantly update to everyone. References are more, more diverse is not limited to a narrow topic. Together aims to receive more articles, reviews from everyone.

+ Health

+ Entertainment

+ Make up

+ cosmetic

+ Education

+ Eating - Food

+ General Services


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