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Review About Notary Services At CVN's Request

Referring to the activities of borrowing money, authorizing, mortgaging, wills, issuing copies or other types of business contracts, it is indispensable to lack the notarization process. Although important, but this step takes a lot of time and requires complicated paper preparation. And for busy people, going directly to the notary office is actually quite time consuming. Therefore, the quick notarization - notarization on demand was born.

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In Hanoi, the fast notarization services have developed and are trusted by many people in recent years. Inside, Notary service CVN is one of the leading prestigious and professional notary organizations. Therefore, this article TopnList would like to share a fairly specific review of a customer when using the notarization service at the request of CVN. The same reference you offline.

Hello everyone, last time I need a large amount of money to invest in business so I have to apply for a bank loan. According to some friends, the loan with the red book is quite complicated and takes a lot of time, but because of the need, I have arranged the work to actively complete the papers. 

The loan process is quite complicated, but the instructions are quite specific by the bank staff, so I also follow it step by step quite easily. 

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Red book mortgage loan process at the bank

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And to save time and save time, I contacted the party Notary service CVN to get notarized papers quickly within the day. This party works quite professionally and enthusiastically, so I will review it over so you can consider choosing:

Outstanding Advantages of CVN Notary Office in Hanoi.

Firstly, CVN has a quick workflow

After being notified of the loan decision, the bank asked me to notarize the necessary contracts. Through my friend's introduction, I contacted CVN Notary Service (Hotline: 0383056288) and consulted - quick notarization:

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  • The notary asks clearly about the notarization request, lists the necessary documents, sends the service quotation and makes an appointment for a meeting. I made an appointment right away at the bank on the day of mortgage registration to save time.
  • On the day of the meeting, notaries proceeded to receive documents, check paperwork carefully, apply for signatures and quickly notarize.
  • After that, I paid and continued to complete loan procedures at the bank.

Instead of wasting it 2-3 days Going to the notary office, waiting for your turn and waiting for the result, using CVN's fast notary service is extremely convenient. That day, I just spent 1 session to notarize papers and complete mortgage registration procedures.

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Second, CVN's reputation, professionalism and commitments are clear

My friend has used the service at CVN quite a lot, so when I was introduced, I was quite assured about this unit. And when directly experiencing (although only for a short time), I feel the plus points that CVN Notary Service brings:

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  • Notary advises enthusiastically, quickly and professionally.
  • Commitment to customer information security.
  • Commitment to accurately complete the profession, to ensure compliance with the law.
  • The service price list was sent specifically and clearly (after contacting and making an appointment by phone, the notary has sent me the price list).
  • Quickly serve customers at any location and at any time (including outside office hours, weekends, Tet holidays).

Third, CVN provides a variety of notarization services, almost meeting all notarization needs of customers.

My business will sometimes also have notarized papers and contracts, so I have learned more about other CVN services and found that the notarization services here are very diverse such as: Package notarization, Notarization for immediate use, Notarization at home 247, Translation notarized, Notarized with foreign elements,…

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Therefore, all requirements for notarization of commercial contracts, sale, authorization, authentication, wills, ..., CVN Notary Public commits to respond in a way. accurate - fast - professional at a reasonable price.

And finally, CVN is a notary office licensed by competent authorities, trusted by my friends and many large and small businesses in Hanoi, so this will definitely be a partner of the public. my company later.

In Hanoi, there are many notary units, but to find a notary office with diversified services, flexibility in service delivery and commitment to fast - accurate not all names are reputable. Hence, if you are learning a unit Notarization upon request CVN Notary Service is probably one of the most desirable names!

Contact information:

CVN Notary Office in Hanoi

  • Address: No. 228 Au Co, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Phone: 0383056288
  • Email:
  • Website:

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