Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Care Skin Care Centers HCM

Skin Care Course At The Most Prestigious and Quality Centers In Saigon

You realize that the beauty needs of people are increasing, so the possibility that you can develop in this industry is also higher. However, the choice to learn skincare where Ho Chi Minh It is not that simple.

List of Review Information, Contact Prestige Teaching and Skin Care Centers in HCMC

Because there are too many training centers teaching basic skin care, advanced opened with uncontrollable quality, and with lots of headlining hard to distinguish. So Topnlist have statistics help you The list of Ho Chi Minh City's most prestigious and prestigious skin care teaching center addresses You can consult.

1. Miss Tram Beauty Academy (Miss Tram academy)

Choose for yourself one Prestigious skin care teaching facility It's never been that simple. Understanding that need, Grandmaster Dong Bao Tram with Over 17 years of experience in the field of beauty as well as training has developed Miss Tram Beauty Academy (Miss Tram Academy).

Here offers the course on embroidery eyebrow sculpture, Learn skin care and skin treatment A lifetime of thousands of students choose to study confidently. Not only provides students with in-depth knowledge about skin care, beauty spa, technology, modern trends but also Miss Tram Academy It also gives young people who love spa industry with attractive career opportunities, helping them to develop themselves and create their own brand.

Professional Spa Skin Care Teaching Course In HCMC

Attending skincare courses at Miss Tram Academy, you will be provided with comprehensive knowledge of Spa - Skin care and treatment:

  • Knowledge of devices, laser machines
  • The role and effect of each type of light on the skin (Red light, Purple light, Blue light, Orange light, ...)
  • Distinguish the signs and characteristics of the 9 most common types of acne on the skin
  • The technique of removing acne cores limits pain and does not leave scars
  • The treatment course is suitable for each type of acne to help the skin to heal thoroughly
  • Exclusive formulas in white annealing, whitening baths are safe and effective
  • Skincare treatments: Detox toxins for the skin, Collagen Therapy, Allergy skin care therapy, C running process, Eye circle removal treatment + Facial puffiness + Wrinkles, ...
  • The intensive process: The lifting process + skin rejuvenation, Coal shot process, CO2 treatment, MELLASMA therapy, Needle roller therapy, ...
  • Permanent hair removal
  • And many other exclusive skin care methods and techniques.


Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 25 Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 27 Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 29

Images of Teachers Together Practicing Students In Face Skin Practicing

Miss Tram Academy confidently become a leading skin care training center with all the following factors: Good, experienced teaching staff, always consider the quality of teaching, imparting knowledge to students first, facilities, modern equipment, textbooks are constantly updated according to the latest trends, meet the learning process of students as well as jobs after completing the course.

Highlights of skin care courses at Miss Tram Professional Beauty Vocational Training Center:

  • Extremely preferential tuition.
  • Guaranteed PROFESSIONAL HANDBOOK after the course.
  • Sponsor machines and tools throughout the course.
  • Sponsored free practice model with practice time up to 80% hours of study. (Learning to practice there, learn and practice until quality is reached).
  • Associate & support certification with Legal Training Centers in the United States, Australia, Korea, to be able to confidently operate in an international environment.
  • There are classes on demand: for students preparing to exit, urgently need to open shops, overseas Vietnamese to return home, study in groups, tutoring, online learning, studying for degrees - certificates, ...
  • Study syllabus in 3 languages (at the request of students): Vietnamese, English, Chinese.
  • Tuition information: Depending on the level, time and commitment requirements of students.

Note: Miss Tram Academy Only accept students when you pass the interview. The lock at Miss Tram Academy is a vocational course that they invested in over 17 years of developing the curriculum so Miss Tram is very passionate. So Miss Tram would like you to seriously consider this a sustainable career.

Thing Miss Tram focus is on students after the course get a solid job, open a store and earn tens (even hundreds) million every month with passion for beauty for everyone.

The curriculum learn skin care in Miss Tram Academy It has been developed into a standard curriculum based on professional knowledge and experience over the past 17 years, which will help students receive the best. With no theory and no teaching, all you get is to observe and participate directly in real-life situations.

So you have questions with questions like learn skin care Is Miss Tram good? Is it safe? Is reputable, is it quality? Then you come to the problem see specific curriculum. Then make sure you are confident about your answer in this regard. So you own yourself, no one can cheat you but you when you own yourself.

  • ESPECIALLY: After the interview, devoted students will receive scholarships up to 10 - 30 million and work officially at Miss Tram Academy.
  • ONLY HERE: For those of you who are passionate but in difficult circumstances, Miss Tram receives no fee training and many jobs upon graduation.

For All Skin Care Courses Contact Miss Tram:

  • Facility: 126/6 Phan Xich Long, Ward 3, Binh Thanh District, City. HCM City
  • Mobile: 0909 783 289 - 093 718 6060 - Hotline: 1900 7018
  • Working time: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm (All days of the week)
  • Miss Tram Website Natural Beauty Center:
  • Miss Tram Academy Website:
  • Facebook fanpage:

Also, you can take a quiz about your skin type at the following link:

2. Spa and skincare vocational training school - Cali Spa

On the course of spa training for more than a decade, Cali Spa is the name continuously receiving prestigious awards as a testament to its quality in the beauty industry. :

Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 31

Awards and Honors for companies

  • VIETNAM POWER brand - April 2018

Awards and Honors for individuals

  • QUEEN STAR BUSINESS - December 2017

When to join the Spa skin care training course Here, you will get the enthusiasm and dedication of a team of experienced teachers in the profession to convey the knowledge from basic to advanced and specialized in skin care.

Guaranteed to bring you the most useful and diverse knowledge such as facials, body reflexology, whitening, eyelash extensions, waxing, hair removal, mole burning, foot reflexology, fish makeup personal, feng shui personalities, specialized in cosmetics and how to sell cosmetics, spa management, with many benefits comes:

  • Commit to support 100% jobs at agent chain Cali after graduation.
  • Learn to practice and beautify your skin with high-end dermalogica and princess cosmetics. (effective treatment of melasma 100%, lifetime warranty does not return).

With the criterion "The success of students is the life of teachers", Spa - Cali Spa Vocational Training School always tries to improve the teaching quality of teaching staff, constantly investing in equipment and machines. modern hooks meet throughout the learning process with the focus on practical exercises on the theoretical basis, so that students can become skilled after graduation. One thing that makes the current success of the Spa Vocational School - Cali Spa is the constant updating of the latest beauty trends, adding to the curriculum to convey to students.

Many students after finishing the course have achieved their own success. This is the best evidence of the center's effectiveness.

Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 33


  • Address: 315 Pham Ngu Lao, P. Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, TP. HCM
  • Phone: 090 870 1111
  • Website:


Being the leading comprehensive aesthetic training center in Vietnam today, MainBeauty offers a variety of courses such as high-end spa, Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattooing, Vocational Nail according to International standards, Professional Hair Cutting, Tra Mi Training, Teaching Bride Makeup. This is the first center where Korea's leading experts directly train students.

Professional Spa course at MainBeauty provides students with basic to advanced knowledge, students will practice directly on high-tech machines under the guidance of experts in willow industry. Ensure students after graduation will have solid skills, good expertise, proper skin care and the right method.

Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 35

The special thing when you register to study at Mainbeauty:

  • As the first center in Vietnam Lifetime warranty for students
  • Focusing on vocational skills for students
  • It is the first and only center to train students about their personalities, taking them as a measure of their success.
  • Student Learn skincare spa With the latest high-tech machines, beauty trends and technologies are constantly updated
  • Main Beauty - that is the core beauty, the main thing that makes beauty, this is to send the message to students and loyal customers of MainBeauty who always use the right, scientific method for training and care. beauty for customers.

Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 37


  • Address: 360 Cao Thắng, Ward 12, Q.10, Tp.HCM
  • Phone: 02836367779 - 0908956085
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Want to pursue beauty industry - spa This is the address you should not ignore for your dreams. Convergence of teaching staff of over 10 years of experience, direct teaching in these The leading cosmetic center in Vietnam, with a commitment not to hide the profession will guide heartily, answer all students' questions even the smallest details about skin care industry, spa skincare career. Make sure that after completing the course, you will equip yourself with the knowledge and solid skills to equip your development path.

Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 39

Graduation ceremony of spa skin care course in Ho Chi Minh City

The benefits you will get when attending a spa training course at Beauty Academy - QUEEN SPA:

  • With the motto of beauty is beautiful, the academy is committed to treating you more beautiful "free". Therefore, by the end of the spa training course, students will have a bright and youthful face to age.
  • Difficult students who have a need for part-time jobs are allowed to create professional jobs right after registration, with high incomes to cover their learning.
  • Students have the opportunity to study with experienced spa instructors. Friendly learning environment, taught by a devoted teacher. Committing to 100%, your classmates will be stable and skilled and have a job.
  • Ensure that 100% has a job after graduation Spa skin care course, Average monthly income of spa KTV range 7-20 million. Special: Refund 100% if received by the Beauty Academy
  • Students receive free skin care, advice, and beauty treatments from the Beauty Academy in the course of spa apprenticeship.
  • Students are learn skin care With: relaxing care, massage face, body regularly during learning process.
  • Being taught to use modern machinery of beauty industry today
  • Enthusiastic advice and assistance in importing equipment for you to open a spa (For those who want to open a spa by themselves)
  • There are accommodation for students far away, the environment is extremely clean and airy, convenient for living and studying.
  • The learning environment at the Beauty Academy is the professional training environment of long-term teaching staff, teaching experience in major international cosmetology schools.
  • Beauty Academy with excellent teachers can tutor you directly.
  • With the motto of putting quality on the top, not recruiting mass, no color when teaching, will go straight to the point, conveying practically all knowledge about Da, massage skills, aesthetic skills. The ultimate goal is to help early learners gain knowledge and skills to quickly become a professional technician.
  • The most effective way to communicate that is "tutoring - Hand-holding the practice of each student, following and creating many practices, doing reality regularly".
  • Beauty Academy where experts, long-term technicians, dedicated to the profession, absolutely will impart all the skills to learners.

Therefore, you do not hesitate any longer but do not come right away BEAUTY INSTITUTE - QUEEN SPA To register and feel the most professional and prestigious vocational training environment, make sure the vocational training decision here is the best choice for you.

Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 41

Instructions for Facials In Skin Care Classes


  • Facility 1: Số 148/6 P. Linh chiểu, Q Thủ Đức, Tp.HCM
  • Base 2: No. 1354, 3/2 Street, Ward 2, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 0908.858.875 - Mr. Phuong
  • Website:

5. ANA Beauty Academy - The No. 1 Beauty School in Vietnam

Considered a key industry in ANA Beauty School, Skincare - Spa called "Beauty technicians", because the curriculum here is not simply about relaxing spa but here Beauty courses, comprehensive skin care school.

The curriculum is designed by dermatologists, leading aesthetic experts with the technology, trends are constantly updated, sticking to the actual needs of customers. From there, help students gain useful knowledge for their future work as well as in the development career for skin care industry.

Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 43

Theory Session At ANA With Spa Skin Care Class

What is special about the course of Cosmetologists at ANA?

  • Students when registering to participate Skin care course 100% will be guaranteed a job after graduation at the prestigious and quality facilities.
  • The most modern facilities, facilitating the practice of students in the process learn skin care be the best.
  • Here, the practical classroom will be separated from the theoretical classroom, designed according to high-end spa standards. Besides, you are committed to the practice time that takes up 95% of the course time, practiced on real samples with modern technology and machines from Korea and Europe.
  • Programme skin care training course Comprehensive and professional: Not only textbooks compiled and taught by leading experts, pedagogical operations. In addition to training skills, students also have career-oriented sessions, complete thinking, communication skills, sales advice and professional manner. So when students graduate, they are "skilled - sure skills" to reach the peak of beauty.
  • Commitment skin care training course: At the end of the course, a certificate of practice and a store opening certificate will be issued. Exempt uniforms, curriculum, cosmetics throughout the course without incurring any additional costs. Get free extracurricular tourism, soft skills training. Make sure students finish the course will be hardened, if weak or not confident, they will be retrained for free.

Top 05 Prestigious and Quality Skin Care Center in HCM - skincare school - ANA Beauty Academy | Academy of Beauty - QUEEN SPA | Miss Tram Academy 45

Guide students in skin care classes


  • Center 1: Số 1, Đường số 1, KDC Cityland, P.7, Q. Gò Vấp, TP.HCM
  • No. 5, Tran Thi Nghi, KDC Cityland, Ward 7, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Center 2: 292/15 Revolution in August, Ward 10, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Website: -
  • Fanpage:
  • Hotline: 0963.540.566 - 0971.293.303

So with the above article, TopnList has shared with you about the address list, the center specializing in training skin care specialists, famous skin care technicians in Ho Chi Minh City. Up to this point according to updates from TopnList.

You can find out more and share with us by commenting below to raise issues, as well as specific information about an address, training facility specializing in spas. , prestigious and quality skin care in Ho Chi Minh.

Skincare training profession is currently "on the throne". This is not an exaggeration. Because in reality, life is prosperous, everyone wants to take care of their beauty. But in terms of height, physique cannot be changed, so besides practicing good body, skin care is a very important thing to pay attention to. Therefore, the demand for skin care workers is increasing, but currently skin care workers are very rare. That's why it's no exaggeration when it's one of the hottest industries right now.

Typical school example Miss Tram Academy currently specializing in skin care vocational training in Ho Chi Minh City with continuous training and many graduate courses and hard-working jobs with an estimated salary.

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Have. Skin care profession is currently considered the hottest profession today. According to the statistics, the current hottest rapids are:

1. Intensive skin care specialist

2. Spray embroidery, aesthetic sculpture

3. Makeup profession

4. Eyelash extension job

5. Massage therapy profession

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Spa apprenticeship you should choose reputable sites and schools with many professional training courses such as:

+ Miss Tram academy (Miss Tram academy)

+ Cali Spa



+ ANA Beauty Academy

See more details about the reviews and reviews of the above centers here.

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To get the full set of professional and most prestigious skin care textbooks, you should find a school, a reputable institution to enroll in. Because of the fact that there are many places on the Internet that share or sell courses, in fact, it is not reputable, has no quality and is very risky.

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        1. If I take care of my skin, miss tram's side is so popular, and my eyelash extensions are ok in my opinion

            1. Eyelash extensions are quick, skin care takes a long time. If you study in parallel for 3-4 months, it will be done and depending on your ability.

  1. If I want to learn how to take care of my skin, so that I can still do a few meals overseas, which one should I choose?

  2. Has anyone studied at ANA Beauty Academy yet? Review help me with quality. This place is quite close to me for convenient study.

    1. I have studied already, friends, teaching is also ok. The curriculum is also easy to understand and practice is also much.

  3. Miss TRAM teaches skin care, acne treatment is too standard. I got acne here, all I decided was to post an apprenticeship

    1. Dude, I heard that Miss Tram teaches me how to do onl tattooing but I don't know if skin care will lock onl. This translator who wants to learn directly is also scared

      1. It depends on which course you study. If it's normal, it's about 2-3 months. You should contact us for more advice.

      1. Depending on your ability, but most of them have all of them, buddy, in my class, 10 people have jobs.

  4. Listen where miss tram teach the quality but very high tuition. I was planning to study it before but I couldn't afford it.

    1. You learn to choose a place carefully, but today a lot of fraud. High and low tuition does not matter, reputation is okay.

    1. Self-study, practice skills and knowledge is always updated. In particular, must know how to care for your skin as well. Although this job is light but the competition is quite high, the mistake is to lose the opportunity immediately

  5. I'm learning skincare online on this miss tram, it's pretty detailed and saves money. But I think it suits you guys who've had experience in the profession. But if you do not know anything, direct learning, with tutors, it will be faster for you to progress.

    1. How much does an online skin care course cost? I just know a little about basic skin care, but leaving my current job in SG to learn vocational skills, I would not dare, if I study online ok, I will try to study at home.

    1. I do not see it, okay, full textbooks, lecturers with careful practice, and you can learn more online so it's ok. Last time, I was studying but stopped because of translation but I can still study online at home. Very convenient.

    2. Wow, you just reminded me that I was granted an online account, I was too busy to go to see :)

    3. It is true that Miss Tram's tuition is a bit more expensive than the real market, but there is a "expensive" piece.

  6. Do these centers only teach skin care or do I go to a skin care course? Is it more expensive than regular centers?

  7. Are the skin care experts and teachers here right? That is good? Or is it famous? If so, share with me

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