Top 07 American Cosmetics Brand (USA) Is Most Popular Now

American cosmetics (USA) is considered one of the quality cosmetic lines that are very popular with beauty believers in the world. But if you have never used products from the US, it is a difficult assessment of cosmetic products. This article Topnlist will introduce for some The most famous American cosmetic brand you refer to the dentist.

1. Maybelline

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 1

Referring to the American cosmetic brand, the first name to appear will certainly be Maybeline. As a global brand, entered the Vietnamese cosmetics market in 2007. And quickly became a popular brand present in most supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies ... Although Maybelline products are aimed at the affordable market segment but the quality is very good, meeting the requirements of beauty believers. In particular, the company's products are diverse, catching up with the latest makeup trends.

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 3

Maybelline's most popular products are the Baby skin Instant Pore Eraser, Fitme Matte Poreless foundation, Maybelline Fitme, Son Maybelline Creamy Matte, especially Mascara Maybelline. beauty followers. With a price of just over 200,000 VND, you can use Maybelline products.

2. NYX

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 5

The second name Topnlist would like to introduce is the popular NYX cosmetic brand. NYX is named after the goddess of darkness in Greek myth. Wishing to help women always beautiful and seductive even in the dark. You can easily find NYX products at portable cosmetic stores or showrooms in Vietnam.

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 7

Operating under the motto "Bring the opportunity to experience professional makeup at a reasonable price", therefore, NYX products not only have a very affordable price list but also extremely good quality. You will easily find make-up products from foundation cream, foundation, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, blush, eyebrow pencil, makeup brush, mascara, ... suitable for all ages, colors skin, make up style.

3. Neutrogena

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 9

As a long-standing and famous skin care company in the US, you will easily find Neutrogena products in more than 70 countries where this brand has been distributed. The company offers a variety of products that can meet all skin types, from oily skin, dry skin, combination skin or problematic skin. From creams, sunscreens, makeup remover, special products, ... meet all the needs of believers beauty.

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 11

Because Neutrogena products are made to meet different skin types. Therefore, you need to carefully study your skin's characteristics to be able to choose the most suitable products to promote the effectiveness of the products.

4. Murad

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 13

In the list of American cosmetic brands without mentioning Murad, it is a big mistake. This brand was born by Dr. Howard Murad is a leading researcher, pharmacist, professor and doctor of dermatology in the United States. Murad products are diverse, aiming to treat skin problems such as acne, dark spots, whitening, anti-aging skin, ...

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 15

As one of the high-end skin care brands, Murad products have relatively high prices, from VND 1,000,000 to VND 3,000,000. However, Murad is still very popular with women because of the quality they bring to the skin completely worth the price.

5. Clinique

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 17

Also a brand created and developed by the world's leading dermatologists. Clinique products are manufactured according to the motto of the company: all products are marketed allergy tested, 100% without flavoring and developed by dermatologists. Therefore, you can be assured of the benignness of the products because even if you have sensitive skin.

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 19

In addition to skin care and treatment products, Clinique has now started to move into makeup products, makeup tools, etc. that are loved by make-up lovers.

6. MAC

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée 21 Cosmetics

An extremely famous American brand, almost every girl knows and wishes for her a bullet-shaped lipstick of the company. MAC's full name is Make-up Art Comestic. Previously, the main customers of MAC were professional makeup professionals, and now, MAC's customers are more open to all customers in the world.

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 23

The highlight is also the reason why MAC is popular with women in the world thanks to the benign, safe skin for most products. The most prominent item of the hunted women is the bullet-shaped lipsticks with diverse colors, up the standard color, soft and catch up the trend with unique and beautiful colors.

MAC's many popular cosmetics are: MAC lipsticks (matte, retro matte, satin, retro matte liquid), MAC makeup remover spray, Pro Longwear Foudation, ....

7. Estee Lauder

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée Cosmetics 25

Estee Lauder is the largest luxury cosmetics group in the world, owning more than 30 large and small cosmetic brands such as Lamer, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Origins, Smashbox, Jo Malone, Aveda ...

Its products range from skincare, skin treatment to make up products, perfumes, and hair care products. All products are meticulously taken care of from quality to packaging to ensure you are satisfied when owning a product of the store.

Despite being in the high-end segment at a very high price, however, when it comes to Estee Lauder's products, it is guaranteed to make you absolutely satisfied with your choice.

Top 07 American Cosmetics Brands (USA) Most Famous Today - MAC | Clinique Cosmetics Brand | Estée 27 Cosmetics

What brand of cosmetic did you use TopnList stated above? Comment on the company's products right below. On the advantages and disadvantages of each product line, each type of genuine cosmetic products mentioned above.

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  1. The doctor let me ask, in Saigon, now I want to buy cosmetic products, where do I need to buy?
    Brothers give me information with dentist, but now this and that I find it quite difficult

  2. Show me how to distinguish fine cosmetic products from the whole family? Because in the floating market, I am not familiar with the problem of buying and understanding these

    1. For girls who love beauty, Maybelline New York is definitely one of the first makeup brands to be thought of. Founded in 1915 in the US in a small laboratory with the first desire to find a product to help sharpen eyelashes, Sharp Maybelline New York has been present everywhere in the world. Today, Maybelline cosmetics has become the No. 1 beauty brand in the US. Maybelline products not only stop at products for eyelids like the beginning, but have developed with a variety of Maybelline cosmetics to cater to the full beauty needs of modern girls.

      In Maybelline cosmetics reviews, we often encounter comments such as: "Fresh colors", "Excellent quality", "Maybelline products are diverse" ... Maybelline cosmetics are also known for their price. reasonable, so it would not be surprising if we could see Maybelline products anywhere.

      With the desire to bring our customers the beauty of personality and confidence, Maybelline New York always knows how to exploit new aspects to help girls create their own impression from Maybelline cosmetics. With Maybelline cosmetic reviews that have gained a lot of positive feedback, wide coverage, Maybelline products are always trusted by professional beauty experts. This is enough to prove the quality and values that Maybelline New York has brought in the beauty industry in the world.

  3. The whole family let me ask a little, the use of cosmetics is that we have to know what kind of skin my skin is and how? I have not determined what skin I want to use cosmetics, so I want to find out

  4. Tuan Nam is a trader and distributor of prestigious cosmetic products, the best quality today.
    You do not need to contact offline

  5. Can you buy these on Amazon? Can I order more conveniently if I buy cosmetics stores in Vietnam?

  6. Not cosmetic is delicious, guys.
    Do you know that American skin is different from Vietnamese skin? Do not pull that disadvantageous advantage
    Currently, Vietnam has many cosmetic brands specializing in natural lines, researching for Vietnamese people so well that they do not use

  7. REVIEW: Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm
    This Nivea company from Germany is extremely familiar with our sisters, you can find Nivea products in any cosmetic stores and supermarkets, large and small.

    ~ Packaging: in the form of bars, plastic covers, shell colors relatively similar to the inner lip color, white plastic body. For me, the lip shell is a bit loose, a bit light-handed (but with the price ~ 50k / ing, I can not blame the manufacturer already)

    ~ Weight: 4.8g / 5.5ml.

    ~ Son has SPF for lips protection.

    My lips are dry lips, I exfoliate my lips quite often (1/2 times / week)

    ~ After applying to the lips, I feel the lipstick is quite sticky, "very strong" gloss (tip: after you apply the lipstick to your lips, use 2 fingers to apply to the lips and apply the amount of lipstick on your hands to apply it) cheeks, your lips will look more natural, reduce shine, and you will have flushed cheeks)

    ~ The lip balm is quite good, suitable for daily use.

    ~ Son hangs on his lips for about 30 minutes to wash away.



    The smell of peaches for me is a bit strong but the aroma should be satisfied.

    Suitable for children who can't wear lipstick but go to school who love peaches and want soft, glossy lips.


    Slightly flushed very very light.

    Light pink, orange.

    It is suitable for you to use lip balm before applying color lipstick, or for pupils to go to school.


    The darkest color in lipstick palette, up to standard, dark colors.

    Trendy, beautiful pink violet berry.

    Suitable for girls who use lip balm instead of lipstick to go out.

  8. NYX love in rio eyeshadow (LIR20)
    Full name: NYX love in rio (LIR20)
    Design: black plastic box with pop-up lid, transparent plastic to show the color of chalk. When I bought this girl, I came with a white crayon, which was covered with plastic seal and attached to a sturdy cardboard board. The wax pen that comes with me is not clear what its use is, so please do not review here. My chalk box has 3 colors including: white, smoky gray and dark gray. In the border to open the lid shaped like a bow, look cheesy
    Uses: NYX Love in Rio eyeshadow includes 3 main colors you can easily coordinate many different colors according to your preferences, creating a striking difference for yourself.
    Texture: fine powder, to more accurately describe baby powder like baby powder. Alternating with chalk powder is sparkling emulsion powder. The fragrance is artificial, I hate this smell.
    Comment: I rarely use eyeshadow, this girl is just for friends but never bought. Make up even and beautiful color from the first application. This one that knows how to use eye shadow, smoky eye brush is super nice, I sometimes need to go somewhere a little bit, then take a bit of white to hit the corners of the eyes and lower eyelids to stand out. The powder is very soft and sticks well. I went out 3 to 4 hours to see the color is still clinging 80%. Because I have no experience in makeup, I can only comment on it.

    In summary, this girl has a nice color and is good. The price is ok, NYX is specialized in producing quality makeup.

    Buy it again? Probably not, because I didn't buy it. This girl is going to transfer it to her mother soon, so it won't cost much to use.
    Above are my experiences of this product, hopefully useful to everyone.

  9. American cosmetics should buy most portable products will be okie all over the house. But if you buy floating goods like this store and other things with you always, except if it opens a big showroom, but haizzz grabs many kinds of goods, I don't know where the US, Japan or China are or simple District market. 5 so the whole buyer should take a closer look

  10. In my opinion can say alf objectively go home. Currently, the above US cosmetic brands are the most prominent products in Vietnam. Ie these products are the most popular Asian product line, so if you can, you can buy them.
    Because there are many other cosmetic companies, these companies myself find popular in Vietnam

  11. Consulting reputable online cosmetic shop?
    These days, some beauty groups dissect many large shops that also mix fake goods. I created this topic because I would like to ask you for advice about reputable online cosmetic shops.
    Because I have asked in many groups that you just toss the link and say this shop is reputable without saying why so I feel like advertising too.
    You know any reputable shop that you know about the origin, please help me!
    Thank you.

    5 - Previously, I also had a very headache period because I did not know where to buy genuine cosmetics online, I saw many reputable shops but still mixed genuine and fake products to sell, read comments to see people. compliment the critic, don't know who is telling the truth) who the competition is in bad play. I don't know which way. May, in recent years, my cousin followed my husband to France to settle and sell French notebook goods to Vietnam, since then, my siblings and I have moved to use French goods to be assured. Big mind has a real bill. If you want to buy pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, drop by
    1 - Prestigious cosmetic shops can be listed as Minh cosmetics in the Central provinces, Love Market of Boo. Online, there are enpi, theskinmaipham on shopee. Tiki trading is also a very reputable sales website. Sammi has improved it since the fake incident, so you can be trustworthy.
    6 –

    I will divide the products of each major country so that you can easily buy them

    France buys in shoppe named hin france, she specializes in ordering goods from France

    Buy US / UK purchase of MINT

    Korean goods have many shops like samishop and seoulshop

    If you want more diversity, make a visa card to buy goods on international links for sure

    Wish you a successful purchase

    2 - I bought cosmetics in quite a lot of places. But I don't understand even though I have walked a lot. but I also came back to the Skin Store (Happy Skin Medical Spa). If you talk about the credibility and guarantee of genuine goods, you love the genuine 100% restaurant. If possible, you should stop by to try once and let me know ^^
    4 - If you want to buy Korean cosmetics, please refer to Jooly Cosmetics. This party enter the official quota should not be afraid of virtual goods. But the product is limited - only sells a few Korean brands. Hope to sell more
    3 - I bought at Skin Store for over 1 year. As the beauty shop of beauty blogger Emmi Hoang, I believe it is genuine. And using it for more than 1 year, there's no problem with irritation, I also went to Spa so I was recommended by the doctor

  12. What are the cosmetic brands on this, which cosmetic brand sells the best lip balm, sisters? Looking forward to receiving a decent review

  13. Murad Clarifying Cleanser review - The first choice for oily and acne-prone skin

    Packaging: Murad Clarifying Cleanser has a tube shape with gray color and simple blue words but quite cool.I personally like simple cosmetic products like this one, it is both luxurious and beautiful, the tube is big, so you limit Squeezing too much is a waste

    There are 2 types of size

    full size: 200ml 900k

    mini size: 45ml 250k

    With a composition of 1.5 % Salycylic Acid helps to deepen pores. This Murad Clarifying Cleanser is not very large, but it is large, fluffy and wet, soothing and then rub it on the face.Due to the mint, the feeling of washing on a cool cool skin is very comfortable and feels relaxed every morning. Waking up and cleaning this girl is a face like being refreshed and refreshed

    Defect :

    The price is quite high with a good baby cleanser is 900k, the feeling of feeling a little merciful myself full consolation expensively cut out expensive pieces that deserve money for rice

    -In addition, the lid turned on a little hard and hard to open each time washing the lid to open up pain both hands

    In general, this Murad Clarifying Cleanser has a high price for students, but if you want to invest in facial skin, this girl is extremely worthy for acne skin.I always do not recommend dry skin. The dentist is very prone to dryness

  14. Who needs to buy any products from the United States, please contact me. I live in the US, my family members often come back so I can buy it and I only accept orders from the whole family

  15. Hello everyone, my name is Thuc Van
    I am also researching about American cosmetic products and uses. I hope to receive many comments from people, get more enthusiastic exchanges offline :)

  16. Asians are often not suitable for fine products, bro. So if you need to read and test a lot of dental testing is not suitable for the skin nor is it okay, the disadvantage is harmful

  17. The list is quite complete already. But this is exactly the cosmetic brands that are currently known by many people in Vietnam and have product lines suitable for Asia, but in fact the US has a lot of other cosmetic product lines and brands. more that

  18. These famous cosmetic brands in the US are mostly mid-range cosmetic brands, segment hitting the Asian market, so you know more.
    If you can find out, there are most of the other types and brands that you guys will surprise with it too.

  19. The famous cosmetic brands in Vietnam above, I prefer to use Maybelline's products more. Because its color tones are actually more suited to my skin than many others, and are particularly affordable and I like it very much.

  20. Everyone, may I ask, does the whole family know where to sell cosmetic products from reputable and quality cosmetic products that I cannot refer to?
    There is no post for me

  21. Do not know the same topic or not, but the question is always go to the doctor.
    Do you know which shop specializes in selling fine cosmetics, especially imported cakes in the US? If you know, please refer to the contacts, thanks a lot in advance.

  22. It seems that these cosmetic brands do not have official stores in Vietnam, right? Do I see all Korean shops and products?

    1. As far as I know, it is true that you do not have an official store or a franchise, but only other cosmetic stores to distribute and resell, but like Korean cosmetics, it takes a lot and Nowadays, Asian skin is more suitable for Asian products so that's it.

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