Top 06 Addresses of Training Establishment of Quality Prestige Mi In HCMC

Full Information about Address of Mi Extension Courses in Saigon - Technology of Eyelash Extensions 3D 4D 6D 8D and Attached Stones

Compared to the window of the soul, the eyes are always focused on by the sisters. And a beautiful thick lashes play a huge role contributing to the beauty, glitter for your eyes. Understanding this demand, more and more centers and centers are opening eyelid training and teaching services in Ho Chi Minh.

Top List of Good, Good, Professional Training Center in Ho Chi Minh City

However, determining the quality of these courses is very difficult. Understanding this, Topnlist introduces you list of prestigious, quality eyelash extension training institutions in Ho Chi Minh for your reference.

1. Miss Tram Acadey Professional Mi School

If in the world of beauty and training cosmetology in Ho Chi Minh eyelash extensions without knowing it, not mentioning it Miss Tram is probably a pretty obvious and quite large omission, so TopnList share, introduce to you about Miss Tram in this article. And the problem of why Miss Tram Academy good? The prestigious Miss Tram Academy The following aggregated reasons are immediately shared with you.

Miss Tram Academy This is a place where trends are always updated, always updated with the latest technology in the industry and transmitted to students in the most accurate way.

With the method of eyelash extensions Nowadays, we need to master the theory, then apply it in practice and come up with a further upgrade of each trainee's ability to think and be creative. teaching mi extensions here.

The most prestigious teaching address in Ho Chi Minh City

Practice eyelash extensions on model at Miss Tram Academy

Miss Tram always uphold, put the quality of student training on the first place so what does Miss Tram Academy Learn At What's Miss Tram Academy?

  • Lecturers teaching mi extensions Miss Tram will share, guide you to understand the principles of growth and characteristics of eyelashes; From there you can develop better, more sensitive, easier to understand in the next article….
  • Finish No Mi course Make sure you know how to analyze and shape your eyelashes to suit each person's face;
  • Cultivate specific, complete with the knowledge of artificial eyelashes: curvature, thickness, length of eyelashes so that they are suitable and safe for eyes
  • From work Learn basic eyelash extensions but further developed with the most modern eyelash extensions techniques: Classic, Silk Lashes, Silk Lashes, One-by-One Eyelash Extensions, etc. God), the charming black rose (sexy) eyelash is the most popular today,
  • Proficient in eyelash dyeing, eyelash extension, eyelash extension,
  • Know how to remove eyelashes,
  • Know how to coordinate mi color and care the most standard mi,
  • Having knowledge of customer advice before and after eyelash extensions, crisis handling skills with customers during manipulation
  • Usage and storage of equipment, materials used in eyelash extensions.
Learning Combined Mi Technique
Learn how to draw 2D eyelashes Learn how to apply 3D eyelashes Learn how to apply eyelash 4D Learning how to combine mi 5D Learning to mi 6D extensions
Mastering Mi Beauty Techniques
Dye Mi Fu Mi Bending Mi Lasts Mi


Top 06 Addresses Quality Prestige Training Facilities In HCMC - Miss Tram Academy - Miss Tram Academy | District 1 | District 10 2

Should choose to learn eyelash extensions, spa career and other tattoo spray at Miss Tram?

So with the above information about the course TopnList Make sure you finish your studies eyelash extension course in Miss Tram then you will master the background knowledge as well as the most modern technologies and techniques available today.

Moreover, shared tips to be able to be sensitive in the profession, capture the trends, self-taught eyelash extensions at home, self-taught eyelash extensions online About the latest and most unique styles to practice and serve customers who are always satisfied with you.

Some of the advantages and benefits that you take in Miss Tram's Training Course will get:

  • 1. Sponsored full set of transparent machines and tools Eyelash extension, Eyelash curling course
  • 2. Trained according to an international standard curriculum with the participation of famous experts in Spa and Beauty industry
  • 3. Sponsored model practice for free
  • 4. Examination for vocational certificates by Vietnam National Administration of Vocational Training valid throughout the country
  • 5. Miss Tram Academy organize classes Learn how to connect eyelashes on demand for students who are about to exit, need to open a shop urgently, overseas Vietnamese to return home, study in groups, tutoring, studying online, studying for degrees - certificates, ...
  • 6. You can request to teach in a variety of languages in Vietnamese, English and Chinese
  • 7. The eyelash extensions class in Miss Tram Academy Regular opening, diverse schedule

So above, we have introduced and reviewed some of the information for you about Miss Tram Academy about eyelash extension course Alright then. But the sincere advice you should read through the article to get more perfect, more appropriate options. If inquire about specific course at Miss Tram then you can click here.

Contact Miss Tram to register an eyelash extensions course in HCMC:

  • Where is Miss Tram?
  • HotLine: 1900 7018
  • Mobile: 0909.783.289 - 093.718.6060
  • Email:
  • Working Time: Monday - Sunday: 08AM - 18PM (NO LUNCH)

When reading this article if you are not a person who wants to learn eyelash extensions but just looking for an address, a center specializing in beautiful, reputable eyelash extensions, you can refer to this article. Top 07 Addresses Beautiful, Safe In Ho Chi Minh would be more suitable.

2. Xinh Xinh Vocational School of Cosmetology

Is a pioneer in teaching the most advanced beauty technologies and methods teaching professional eyelash extensions, accompanied by the course of sculpting embroidery sculpting aesthetics, learn skin care, with a team of experienced expatriate staff, and is supported by a system of modern equipment, machinery and tools.

With the eyelash extension course here, you will be closely followed by the instructors, one by one, each manipulation, besides the practice on real people will help you to have a stable and more confident workmanship. at the end of the course.

Coming to class learn how to use eyelashes Xinh Xinh's, you will be equipped with the most modern eyelash extensions technique, which is constantly updated, and lecturers trained in foreign languages. learn how to use eyelashes with the most advanced curriculum, along with enthusiasm in imparting knowledge to students.

In Xinh Xinh Beauty You will learn eyelash extensions techniques like:

  • The content of the Korean CLASSIC eyelash extension curriculum
  • Learning to combine silk extensions (mi classic): eyelashes, silk lashes, 3D lashes. Types of eyelash extensions: eyelash extensions, eyelid extensions, eyelash extensions, natural eyelash extensions, stone eyelash extensions.
  • Instructions on how to use eyelashes and eyelash extensions.
  • Instructions on how to fix and handle errors during eyelash extensions.
  • How to remove eyelashes
  • How to preserve eyelash glue
  • How to choose the right mi for each guest.
  • The content of the curriculum VOLUME professional extensions
  • Learning to combine mi volume (mi volume): How to join: Create your own 2D volume, 2D, 4D, Mi volume 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D available.
  • Instructions on how to use eyelashes and eyelash extensions.
  • Instructions on how to fix and handle errors during eyelash extensions.
  • How to remove eyelashes
  • How to preserve eyelash glue
  • How to choose the right mi for each guest.
  • In addition, when registering for the course, you will be given a 3D three-dimensional curling course (3D) and a thread-fastening course.

Contact Xinh Xinh Beauty Vocational Training School

  • Address: 179 Hung Vuong, Ward 9, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Website:
  • Hotline: 0944.609.959, 028 66763396

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3. Hani Lash & Brow Eyelash Extension Center

Is the address Prestigious eyelash extension teaching and trusted by many practitioners, Hani Lash & Brow Always one of the first names to be mentioned whenever someone is in need of advice learn how to use eyelashes where in TP HCM.

Is the only training address a content teaching mi extensions and be fully trained with 27 modern eyelash extensions today, ensuring you will have a stable workmanship right after the end of the course.

Coming to Hani Lash & Brow's eyelash extensions course, you will get:

  • Instructor Ms.Hani directly teaches and guides, she is the one who ever achieved Top 5 International Lash Competion Append contest in 2016 and was chosen to be the Official Judge of the International Lash Competion Contest 2018.
  • Follow the instructions of each student and check the results of study each day.
  • Teaching staff with rich practical experience, highly specialized teaching, detailed instructions.
  • Much practice time, practiced on real people.
  • Receive the necessary equipment when coming to class.
  • Lesson plans are updated, constantly changed in accordance with the latest beauty trends in the world.
  • Be updated with life-long knowledge. There is a free download system.
  • Support soft skills classes 2 months / time for all students (completely free): Online Marketing, Customer Psychology, Anthropology, Health Safety in Cosmetology.
  • Modern, comfortable and airy learning space.
  • The environment is very friendly and harmonizes with the motto "Do not understand what to ask, why not ask well"
  • center Hani Lash & Brow is truly a golden address for those who are passionate about eyelash extensions, and want to make their dream of becoming a professional eyelash extension technician come true.


  • Address CN1: Số 2 Hoa Por, Phường 2, Phú Nhuận District, TP.HCM (the road opposite Phan Xích Long gas station)
  • Address CN2: Số 442 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Phường 4, District 3, HCM City (near the Banana Garden market)
  • Hotline: 0909.051.095 – 0903.672.767
  • Website:
  • Fanpage: Connecting Modern Mi Hani

You are looking for an address, a place for eyelash extensions in District 1, Saigon. Then this proposed article Top 05 Addresses Connect Safe, Prestige, Quality In District 1 is right for you.

4. Ora Eyelash Salon eyelash extensions training center

Ora Eyelash Salon is the first franchise salon in Vietnam of the system ORA Salon Taiwan. ORA salon system specializing in eyelash extensions service.

It organizes professional eyelash training courses based on the latest techniques in Japan, Taiwan and Russia to ensure students equip with extensive knowledge in the field of eyelash extensions, helping to improve the following skills. graduate. Directly taught and taught by a team of leading experts in eyelash extensions industry from Taiwan and Vietnam.

In addition, students will learn theory and practice in parallel to grasp knowledge in the best way. Especially, when attending school at school Ora Eyelash Salon, you have a lifetime warranty of knowledge and support students when they need to open their own facilities.

Here, there are many eyelash extension course for you with different needs such as: Mi Mi Professional Training, Eyelash Extension Course Rose Black, Lock eyelash extensions One by one, Lock eyelashes angel, Lock eyelash extensions

Professional eyelash extensions courses include:

  • Overview of extensions
  • Growth cycle and biological structure of mi
  • The classification of false eyelashes is based on curvature, thickness, and length
  • General introduction about eyelash extensions
  • Eyelash extensions: learn how to use and store them
  • Angel eyelash extensions technique
  • Eyelash extensions One by One
  • Lower eyelid technique
  • Mi Volume
  • Mi Rose Black
  • Eyelash removal and maintenance techniques.
  • Advice on care and maintenance of extensions
  • Analyze the effect of temperature, humidity on eyelash extensions
  • Consulting important issues on customer advice
  • The common problem with eyelash extensions
  • Counseling and support for students opening eyelash extensions salon


  • Address: 365 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, district 10, TP. HCM
  • Phone: 08 62 933 733 - 0965 777 515
  • Website:

5. LaLi Beauty School

As a highly regarded address for its quality of service training, eyelash extension course now in Ho Chi Minh. LaLi beauty school successfully trained hundreds of highly skilled practitioners. Always researching and applying skills and creativity from practical experience as well as summarizing and updating the latest trends and technologies from France, Korea, Japan, ... into the teaching process. .

Besides, it is the professionalism and modernity with the devotion and enthusiasm of the experienced and professional teaching staff and the system of equipment, machines, advanced technology, cool and comfortable space. roofs meet the learning needs of students. Guarantee after finishing eyelash extension course, you will have strong workmanship and confidence to be able to practice immediately.

Join the eyelash extensions course at LaLi Beauty School?

  • Instructions on how to use eyelashes, eyelash extensions.
  • Guide eyelash extensions according to professional eyelash extensions procedure:
  • Silk eyelash extensions.
  • Silk eyelash extensions.
  • 3D eyelash extensions.
  • Colored eyelash extensions.
  • Instructions on how to choose the size of eyelashes for each eye style, each face accordingly, avoid drooping eyelids or rolling eyes after connecting.
  • Directions mi mi.
  • Instructions on how to overcome and handle difficult cases in the process of eyelash extensions are often encountered due to many different reasons.
  • Instructions on how to remove eyelashes with water, tweezers, with specialized eyelash removal cream.
  • Instructions on how to preserve eyelash glue after eyelash extensions.
  • Students will practice directly on real people after having studied enough theory and practice hours.
  • Advice on how to choose the best eyelash extensions, best suited to each working condition of the students.


  • Address: 413 C Trường Chinh, Phường 14, Quận Tân Bình, TP. HCM
  • Phone: 0937.697.826 – 08.2211.3855
  • Website:

6. Amore Beauty Cosmetology Training Center

Amore Beauty is an international brand that is co-operated by Ra Beauty Korean School and leading experts in the field of beauty in Vietnam. Amore Beauty Cosmetology Training Center provide Eyelash extension course from beginner to advanced the most complete curriculum, the most updated technology ...

Join eyelash extension course Here, students will be provided with general and in-depth knowledge about the types of eyelash extensions as well as mentoring, practical guidance on real people. Make sure that after finishing the course, you will become an expert in the field of Mi Mi from style to style, attitude and professional ethics.

Studying Mi at AmoreBeauty you will really be satisfied with your future career.

The following are the Toplist reviews of AmoreBeauty

  • Spacious classrooms, modern equipment
  • Teachers Follow each student
  • Practical learning on real people helps master the techniques for eyelash extensions
  • Flexible study time
  • No tuition is incurred during the course of study
  • After graduation, students will be consulted to open a business
  • The course teaches Mi Mi 3 levels
  • Cheap tuition


  • Address: 283/21 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 02836369277 – 0908930175
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

The article above is shared by TopnList specializing in beauty schools, training establishments on cosmetic extension courses. Because for everyone, they want long, curved and black eyelashes, but not everyone has the right to do so, making everyone's dreams come true.

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