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Top Address Sewing Uniforms, Print Embroidery T-Shirt In Quang Ngai

Uniform Known as one of the factors that helps businesses and organizations leave an impression on customers and spread the image of organization in the community. So choosing where to bring a nice uniform, quality is very important. If looking for one The most prestigious and quality garment and shirt printing workshop in Quang Ngai then let's Toplist Refer to the article below offline!

Address Sewing Uniform, Print Embroidery T-Shirt In Quang Ngai

1. Dony garment processing workshop: Over 30 years of experience specializing in sewing, printing, embroidery uniform clothes, T-shirts, workwear

Speaking of places Making uniforms and printing prestigious T-shirts in Quang Ngai you have to name Dony garment factory. The workshop has Over 30 years of experience sewing uniforms, embroidered T-shirts, workwear. Therefore, the uniform products, t-shirts here always make customers feel satisfied.

Address sewing uniforms, printing T-shirts in Quang Ngai

Dony T-shirt printing workshop

Consumers always choose Dony as the top destination because the insulation material absorbs sweat very well. Especially in hot weather like this, Dony garment factory is the No. 1 choice for groups and businesses.

Existing Dony sewing workshop 3 businesses main:

  • Producing uniforms For companies, enterprises, teams - with the typical customer segment: office, spa, cafe, gym, worker protection, hotel restaurant, PG, supermarket, security, hospital , student.
  • Fashion production for fashion brands and shops.
  • Export production EXW, FOB, CIF, DAT, DAP, ...

Quality sewing uniforms, printing and printing Dony T-shirts is always appreciated by:

  • Ensure indicators on: sweat absorption, ruffling time, color fastness, allergen chemical index, elasticity, airy, sterile, peeling, static electricity, thermal insulation.
  • Able to blend a variety of fabrics together to meet stringent quality requirements from customers.

Top Address for Uniform Sewing, T-shirt Printing and Embroidery In Quang Ngai - - Dony International Joint Stock Company | An Phat uniforms sewing | Quang Ngai 16

Quality certificate at Dony

Also, garments at Dony Also very diverse:

  • T-shirts, shirts, coats.
  • Trousers, Khaki Pants, Shorts.
  • Labor protection.
  • Antibacterial masks, anti-droplets.

Address sewing uniforms, printing T-shirts in Quang Ngai

Restaurant employee uniform template

In particular, Dony garment factories accept sewing nationwide, but there is a small note that Dony only accepts applications of 30 or more.

Contact information:

  • Sample workshop & Office: 142/4 Bau Cat 2, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM
  • Sewing workshop: 355/23 Tân Hóa canal, Tân Phú, HCM
  • Embroidery workshop: 8 New Steel, Tan Binh, HCM
  • Phone: 1900.9449 - 0985.310.123
  • Website: -
  • Email:

2. Bichu uniform garment factory

Bi Chu is the next uniform sewing factory that Topnlist introduces to readers. The factory specializes in receiving a variety of products including: Company uniforms, group tops, class tops, family tops, in addition to sewing accessories such as aprons, hats, ...

Top Address for Uniform Sewing, T-shirt Printing and Embroidery In Quang Ngai - - Dony International Joint Stock Company | An Phat uniforms sewing | Quang Ngai 19

Bichu uniform garment factory

You should choose Bi Chu by:

  • Finished products must meet the quality standards.
  • The fabric is cool, thick and elastic 4 pm - Suitable for working in hot environments.
  • Reasonable price, always best price quote for customers.
  • Receive all orders more or less across the provinces in the Country.
  • Choose color - Print - Embroidery - Mix color according to your request.
  • Free ship nationwide.
  • Delivery time Fast and punctuality.

Address sewing uniforms, printing T-shirts in Quang Ngai

Model uniforms restaurant staff, nice restaurants

With long experience in the industry, a team of highly skilled workers, and a closed production process, Bichu is always a tailoring factory offering the most durable and reliable products to the customers.

If you are planning to make a uniform, immediately contact Bi Chu come on!

Contact information:

  • Address: 648 My Tra, My Khe Son Tinh, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0935.03.4440

3. Sewing An Phat uniforms

Surely the students at Quang Ngai No stranger to An Phat Garment Company is it again? With many years of experience in the field of apparel, An Phat always meets all customer requirements.

Top Address for Uniform Sewing, T-shirt Printing and Embroidery In Quang Ngai - - Dony International Joint Stock Company | An Phat uniforms sewing | Quang Ngai 22

Nice office uniform pattern

When coming to An Phat, you will be able to use the service extremely well by:

  • The technology of printing and embroidering coat is diverse, reasonable price to meet the needs of everyone with forms of printing, industrial embroidery in large quantities, uniform printing for you to choose such as: printing heat, silk screen printing, T-shirt printing decal, high printing, digital T-shirt printing ...
  • Professionally trained staff with extensive experience in apparel
  • Diverse fabrics: plain elastic, crocodile, shark, fish skin, leather. Material PE, cotton 65/35, 100% cotton, ...

Address sewing uniforms, printing T-shirts in Quang Ngai

Young and dynamic elastic uniform pattern

You are in need of sewing T-shirts in Quang Ngai? Pick up the phone and contact the hotline immediately An Phat uniform garment factory For the best advice.

Contact information:

  • Phone: 0906.300.850 - 028.6286.9529

4. Hai Anh uniform

Can not fail to mention Hai Anh uniform - The company specializes in printing uniforms of all kinds with over 10 years of experience.

Top Address for Uniform Sewing, T-shirt Printing and Embroidery In Quang Ngai - - Dony International Joint Stock Company | An Phat uniforms sewing | Quang Ngai 25

Nice company uniform pattern

Hai Anh always gives you the best deals when using:

  • Free 1 to 2 printed shirts as required for the representative to order the top and teacher coats
  • Free delivery in Quang Ngai and all other provinces across the country.
  • Consulting dedicated design, free for you to have the most satisfactory class coat.
  • Attractive discounts when ordering bulk coat.
  • Free BUCKET MOTHER when ordering Tie Tie layer coat.
  • FREE CROSS-BAG upon ordering Patchy coat.
  • GIVE A GIFT when gifting other classes.

Top Address for Uniform Sewing, T-shirt Printing and Embroidery In Quang Ngai - - Dony International Joint Stock Company | An Phat uniforms sewing | Quang Ngai 27

Young school uniform model

With a team of experienced, well-trained, professional consultants with superior production capacity, high reputation in the profession, Hai Anh certainly will not disappoint you.

Contact information:

  • Address: 38 Kinh Duong Vuong, P. Hoa Minh, Q. Chieu Dist., Da Nang
  • Phone: 0971.202.666

The list is being updated ...

Finding addresses for sewing uniforms, printing and printing beautiful T-shirts - the quality is not difficult because Topnlist has synthesized for you right here Hope you will soon be able to choose the right sewing uniform address!

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  1. These places can make forms for everyone. I have sewed in some places but I am not satisfied because the design of the face on it is redundant

    1. I think dony sewed quite well, they sew the export goods so the form is more standard, you should contact them to put them next

  2. Dony ok. My company has ordered T-shirts for uniforms and hats here, some good, with nice embroidery, clear contract. Work quite professionally

    1. the price star you. My side is also looking for a place to sew uniforms for the event but I have not found a good sewing place

    2. Does this party deliver on time vs is there something wrong? I sewed the wrong size in the previous place but it was complicated to correct

      1. This party carefully has a clear contract, on-time delivery and they promise the wrong model for you

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