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Top 06 Prestigious Quality Lip Tattoo Establishments In HCM

List Of Full Salons, High Quality, Trusted, Lip Tattoo Salons In Saigon

Choose for yourself one Address spray beautiful lips, prestige beautiful lip tattoo, quality will help you get a lips with bright, seductive colors, besides helping to cover the defects of the lips while ensuring safety for your health.

Top List Address Prestige, Professional, Quality Lip Tattoo In HCMC

Understand that so today, Topnlist Introduce to sisters list of reputable and quality lip tattoo facilities in Ho Chi Minh so that you can refer and choose for yourself a facility lip tattoo spray best fit.

1. Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center

One of those golden names topnlist Want to share is Miss Tram beauty. With 17 years experience in cosmetic spray industry, Miss Tram Always wish to bring you a natural beauty, harmony and absolute satisfaction.

With a team of experts who are formally trained and regularly train in developed countries such as Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, etc. along with current facilities and equipment. Modern, advanced and regularly updated with the latest, most modern technologies in the world in accordance with the beauty of Vietnamese culture.

Come to Miss Tram, you will be consulted by dedicated experts, choose for themselves the lip color that suits the skin pigmentation and personality of each person. Besides, it is the absolute guarantee to comply with the processes during the implementation process to ensure the safety for customers.

Address reputable inkjet tattoo in Ho Chi Minh City

Spray beautiful lips - Tattoo beautiful lips at Miss Tram beauty salon

The most applied lip aesthetics technology at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center today
Spray lips Korean technology crystal Lip Balm Collagen Stem Cell Spray the queen's lips Micro-sculpted lips

Contact information for lip tattoo at Miss Tram:


Google Map….

See more actual results Miss Tram's eyebrow beauty customers at:

2. Hoai Anh Beauty Salon

Hoai Anh Beauty Salon is one of the famous tattoo establishment with branches stretching from North to South. Here always update the latest beauty technology in the world, with facilities, modern equipment and advanced. Besides the team of experts, leading prestigious doctors will now advise, choose for you a lip color, shape suitable for the face as well as ensure the trendy.

And one thing that makes a special brand for Hoai Anh salon is that the tattoo ink used here is the 100% dead ink from natural herbs and harvested at Vietnamese farms. absolute safety. This tattoo ink is an exclusive product manufactured and distributed by Hoai Anh Beauty Salon.

In addition, the implements are clean, disinfected and used only once, so you are completely assured of your health and safety as well as avoiding worries about infection, swelling. After tattooing, your lips will be incubated with fish oil to help treat bruises and give you a silky smooth lips.

Top salons specializing in lip treatments

Spray beautiful lips - Tattoo beautiful lips at Hoai Anh Beauty Salon HCMC

Spray lip tattoo in Hoai Anh to get contact information:

  • Branch 2: 14 Dien Bien Phu, District 1, TP. HCM || Phone: 028. 38208870
  • Branch 3: 395 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 15, District 5, TP. HCM || Phone: 028. 39558855
  • Branch 4: 322 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4, Tan Binh district, TP. HCM || Tel: 028. 38446868
  • Branch 5: 18 Ly Thai To, Ward 2, District 3, TP. HCM || Phone: 028. 38335322
  • Branch 6: 68 Nguyen Oanh, Ward 7, Go vap district, TP. HCM || Phone: 028. 39894789
  • Branch 7: 2 / 5Q Truong Chinh, P. Tan Thoi Nhat, 12 district, TP. HCM || Phone: 028. 38830171

3. Kangnam Cosmetic Hospital

Is a Korean standard cosmetic hospital system licensed by the Ministry of Health, and is a comprehensive strategic partner with Korea Beauty Association - KCCS. So every technology in Kangnam is transferred directly from Korea.

A lips with many defects such as dull lip edges, pale lips, ... will be completely overcome with Korean tattoo spray technology - the technique of "permanent lip makeup" is favored by women in Kangnam. This method uses modern technology and high-class tattoo ink imported directly from Korea, giving you beautiful lips with natural color, durable, stable over time.

Owning a team of doctors, professionals with high expertise, experience and great taste, often trained in Korea. Besides, the implementation process, equipment, tools and ink quality comply with Korean standards, are tested and controlled strictly. Be assured that this is the address that you should come if you are looking for a reputable, quality lip embroider. Ho Chi Minh.

Where sculpture the most beautiful lips

Spray beautiful lips - Lip tattoo beautiful at KangNam Beauty Salon HCMC

Contact information for lip tattoo spray appointment at Kangnam:

  • Address: Số 84A Bà Huyện Thanh Quan, Phường 9, District 3, TP. HCM
  • Phone: – 0948.44.99.88
  • Fanpage:
  • Website:

4. Aesthetic Thu Cuc Saigon

Established since 1996, Systems Beauty salon Thu Cuc has become the top trusted destination in Vietnam for beauty followers. Here with a team of good experts, highly skilled and with many years of experience in the profession combined with the most modern and advanced technology, Thu Cuc Saigon Beauty Salon will bring you lips. seductive, attract all eyes.

One of the outstanding services chosen by many people here is 6D lip spray technology. The outstanding advantages when performing services at Thu Cuc Saigon that you receive are:

  • Make up as you like: 100% tattoo ink are imported directly in the US and South Korea, so the lips after spraying will become smooth, evenly colored and become suitable for the face.
  • Natural features: Through the skillful hands of tattoo experts at Thu Cuc, the lines on the lips will become extremely soft and natural.
  • Long-lasting softness: With advanced technology and fine ink, lips will become soft and lasting effect.
  • Standard welding technology: Thanks to the application of Korean lip tattoo technique, the professional tattoo artist will surely make customers happy.

High quality lip spray address

Spray beautiful lips - Tattoo beautiful lips at Thu Cuc Saigon Beauty Salon

Contact information for lip tattoo appointment with Thu Cuc:

  • Base 1: 55A - Street 3/2 - Phường 11 - District 10 - TP. Ho Chi Minh - Hotline: 0964 080 999
  • Facility 2: Số 159 Khánh Hội, P3, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City - Hotline: 0964 080 999
  • Email:
  • Website:

5. Mailisa Beauty Salon specializes in lip tattoo spray

With 15 years experience in cosmetology, director Mailisa has created the technology of eyebrow embroidery - lip tattoo Microtouch weaves vivid eyebrows or attractive lips. With a chain of aesthetic systems stretching from north to south, based on modern technology, talented hands, the art of cosmetic tattoo spray at Mailisa is a combination of style from classic to trendy. Come to Mailisa, you will get:

  • Enthusiastic team of consultants, skilled professionals, well-trained, knowledgeable in applied medicine combined with make - up techniques give you a lips with natural color, full gloss and Suitable for your skin, your personality.
  • Modern tattoo spray technology, embroider each color you desire, cover and remove all weaknesses and imperfections on your face.
  • The ink used in tattoo spray is imported, 100% is extracted from plants, easy to stick with colors, accurate spray colors, long lasting durability when spraying. Absolutely safe, no hypoallergenic, no side effects to the skin.
  • Use a new sterile device, specific to each person, no swelling, no pain, no bleeding, no numbness.
  • Commitment to guarantee the quality of service 100% for customers.

Mailisa's contact information when you want to spray lip tattoo:

  • Hotline: 1900 0019
  • Website: | E-mail:
  • Facebook:
  • Address:
  • 81 Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan district, Tp. HCM
  • 189 Huynh Van Banh, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan Dist. HCM
  • 165 Cao Thang, Ward 11, District 10, Tp. HCM

6. Moc Lien aesthetics

With prestige and long experience in the profession, Moc Lien Beauty Salon has always received positive reviews about tattoo and sculpting services in Ho Chi Minh City, including the outstanding service here is spraying stem cell lips. With ingenuity, the talented hands of experts, combined with modern tools, techniques and the quality of the products used here are guaranteed, Moc Lien aesthetics will give you a fuller, full of attractive lips.

Besides being a dedicated consultant, refer to the choice of the color for lips that match the skin pigmentation, personality and still ensure the trendy style.This is also one of the biggest advantages that help Moc Lien Aesthetics has the trust of thousands of customers today.

No aggressive advertising, Moc Lien Beauty Salon uses customer service satisfaction as the best advertising method. Since then always trying to update the latest trends, technology and best quality to help you get the most complete beauty.

Top reputable beauty lips methods

Spray beautiful lips - Tattoo beautiful lips at Moc Lien Beauty Salon HCMC

Contact information:

  • Hot line: 0979 550 508 – 0979 550 509
  • Address: 43H Hồ Văn Huê, Phường 9, Phú Nhuận District
  • Facebook:

After referencing the article about the locations specializing in cosmetic lip tattoo in Saigon, how do you feel? Have you imagined choosing a suitable address yet?

And this is also a list for you to refer more, can compare more correlatively between the address, the location specializing in sculpture, lip tattoo spray cosmetic. There may be missing and many other addresses, so you can share with us to be able to update in time about other salon addresses also specializing in tattoo spray, lip sculpting.

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  1. Có bác nào biết quận 10 có chỗ nào phun xăm đẹp ko ạ? Em có con nhỏ nên ko đi xa được

  2. Should this epidemic spray out lips? But I am doing online at home, so I want to take advantage of beauty, if anyone has swelling, I will not see, hihi

    1. trong hcm có bị giãn cách đâu bạn. làm thoải mái. nhưng mà nhớ chọn mấy chỗ uy tín vs có tiệt trùng sát khuẩn đàng hoàng cho lành nhé

  3. also vote 1 vote for miss tram, making it beautiful, smooth, and it doesn't hurt that much. From the day I finished spraying my lips, I didn't use any lipstick, I only used sunscreen, it's extremely convenient

  4. Miss tram ok tram beauty salon inside the house always. My tattoo is still standard and miles back, the customer care team is very okie there

  5. The total cost of lip tattoos for men is the amount of lip treatment that is about how many mn? I smoke a lot, so my lips are heavy

    1. tùy theo tình trạng thâm môi á bạn, vì phí hút thâm được tính theo từng lần thì phải. nhưng mà tổng thì cũng vài triệu thôi à, ko quá 2 con số đâu

  6. See the aesthetic of Thu Cuc Saigon famous without knowing how the quality? Who sprayed lips here and then please review vs sir

  7. I have lips on Miss Tram's place. I made orange, and now I work for almost 2 years now, the color is still very beautiful, smooth and not rusty like the previous day in the countryside.

  8. If I have dark lips, can I tattoo my lips? Afraid of tattooed lips on the color is not right, too beautiful, like red plus what color to color?

    1. Please rest assured, just call 1 of the above addresses to be carefully advised
      The type is intensive, then after darkening will tattoo, people have dark lips so they go tattooed :)

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