Top 8 Note Interior Design of Townhouses, Apartments 40 - 55m2

Currently, the model of townhouses and apartments of 40 - 55m2 is the preferred choice for many people, because the advantage is cost-saving and suitable space for 2-4 people. However, the interior design for townhouses, apartments of 40 - 55m2 always makes many people have headaches due to the quite limited area.

Understand that Topnlist has summarized the necessary notes to help you interior design for living space with 40 - 55m2 very reasonable and comfortable. Please read it.

Reference Top 8 Note Interior Design of Townhouses, Apartments 40 - 55m2

1. Choose a design style for your living space

The characteristics of a townhouse, 40 - 55m2 apartment is a limited area, so it is recommended to choose a modern style or scandinavian Nordic style will be the perfect choice.

With modern style, you can use neutral colors, such as soft white, beige, gray, ... combined with the interior is streamlined to the maximum, no frills, fussy.

The scandinavian Nordic style uses the mainstream white color that will make your living space become more spacious. The design is not too unique but highly applicable. With a compact design featuring this style, it will be suitable for models with a tight area.

note when designing interior townhousesOrientation flat design style

2. Choose a smart interior

To prevent the space from being cramped and mysterious, choose the minimalist interior designs, with a moderate and compact design to create a neat and tidy. Only choose the furniture really needed, remove the items, details cumbersome.

Currently, smart furniture models are a popular trend. Because they can integrate many functions in one product, compact design, reasonable price. This will be the first choice to make your living space highly aesthetic but extremely convenient.

Top 8 Note Interior Design of Townhouses, Apartments 40 - 55m2 - - Interior design of townhouses 4Choose smart furniture

3. Create a highlight for the space

Creating accents for the space is always a matter that many homeowners are particularly interested in interior design. A little more pressing will help the room become more prominent, more impressive, less monotonous, boring. However, if using too many accents will make the space confusing, cheesy. So, design, choose the right accents for each space to be able to impress, attract at first sight.

Hint: In the living room can combine neutral colors with modern chandeliers, decorative shelves or lovely sofa sets are very suitable.

Beautiful interior design templatePay attention to creating accents for apartment space

4. Choose a bright color scheme

With townhouses and apartments with a limited area, when choosing colors you should note: Do not choose furniture with too colorful colors, instead should choose colors such as white light, gray, brown, yellow, ...

With paint wall can choose bright colors to create a sense of ventilation for the space. Some of the perfect suggestions for you are white, pastel, cream or mint green combined with striped patterns. Such a choice not only helps your house "cheat" the area, but also helps the living space become more relaxed and comfortable.

Depending on the preferences, personality of the homeowner to choose the right colors. Do not forget to synchronize the interior with the overall background color to help expand the space and create a feeling of coziness, tranquility and relaxation.

Top 8 Note Interior Design of Townhouses, Apartments 40 - 55m2 - - Interior design of townhouses 7Use bright colors

5. Use simple interior furnishings

When interior decoration for small-area houses, absolutely do not use elaborate decorative details, many small details will make the space become more cramped, more confusing. Choose simple, elegant designs to help create sophistication in the space.

Some simple decorations that you can choose such as bonsai pots, ceiling lights, vases, ...

6. Take advantage of natural light

In addition to using the synchronized lighting system will make your home space become harmonious, luxurious, do not forget to take advantage of more natural light. You can design glass doors, vents to help catch the sun, the best wind. From there, contributing to bringing an energetic living space, good for health.

Top 8 Note Interior Design of Townhouses, Apartments 40 - 55m2 - - Interior design of townhouses 9Always know how to take advantage of natural light

7. Choosing a professional design unit

The interior design will greatly affect the quality of life of each family member. Therefore, consider carefully in choosing reputable, professional interior design units and many years of experience to be able to advise and support you to make the design that best suits the space area. mine.

8. Note the interior for each functional area

Living room

With a narrow area, it is advisable to minimize the arrangement of unnecessary items. Can use compact furniture, close to the wall, take advantage of every space to arrange more shelves or racks. Choosing a L-shaped soft white sofa set as a highlight, combining the gray and cream gold colors as the main color to create harmony for the whole space is a perfect suggestion. Can design additional windows or skylight area to help open space, more impressive.

Living room interior designBeautiful living room design template


Bedroom space should be limited to placing too many cramped and secret things, make a very simple layout to maximize the main function of the bedroom is to sleep. Use neutral colors, brown wood to create the most cozy, comfortable feeling for users. Suggestions for you are to use smart furniture to save space such as smart shoe cabinets, wall cabinets, 2 in 1 bed chairs, shelves ,, ..

bedroom designBedroom design template


Can set the table next to the kitchen to help save space for space. The kitchen should only select the necessary appliances, utensils, as minimalist as possible. Should choose brown or white wooden tables and chairs to create a sense of comfort, comfort and more delicious when enjoying and cooking. Placing an extra cute little flower pot on the dining table will make the space even more impressive.

Nice kitchen designKitchen design template

Above are the helpful notes when designing interior houses, apartments of 40 - 55m2 that Topnlist has synthesized. Hope it will help you in creating an ideal living space.

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