Top 7 Ways to Differentiate Fake Real Perfume The Ladies Should Know

Nowadays, perfume is gradually becoming a disjointed item of women because of its great use in helping you become more attractive, as well as showing your own personality and style. However, there are many fake and fake products on the market that make it very difficult for women to buy products.

And to avoid the situation of buying the wrong fake perfume costly as well as affecting the health, then she should "pocket" immediately 7 ways to distinguish fake perfume below.

Summary of the Top 7 Ways to Differentiate Fake Real Fragments You Should Know

1. Product design and packaging

Top 7 Ways to Differentiate Fake Real Fragrances You Should Know - How to distinguish fake real perfumes - perfumes 1

High quality perfumes will also be well invested in packaging as well as models following stringent standards. So if you look closely at the packaging of the real perfume, you will notice that its color is bright, the lines on the cover are also very sharp.

And on the contrary, the fake product will be more dull, the text on the cover will be smudged and have spelling errors. At the same time, the cellophane layer surrounding the fake perfume box will show signs of wrinkling, not fit and reveal very poor glue on the bottom of the box.

In addition, real perfume products will always have all information about ingredients, instructions for use, expiry date, date of manufacture and brand information.

2. Bottle caps

Top 7 Ways to Differentiate Fake Real Fragrances You Should Know - How to distinguish fake real perfumes - perfumes 3

When choosing perfume, you can also observe the signs in the bottle cap to promptly detect the problem, avoid buying fake goods. Except for specially designed fragrances, the bottle caps of most genuine fragrances will be symmetrically designed, and the materials that make up this part are also high-class ingredients. .

In addition, the lid of the real perfume always has a long nozzle reaching the bottom. So if your eyes are a bottle of perfume with a skewed bottle lid, disproportionate, short and loose nozzle, then it is likely a poor quality product.

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3. Color of perfume solution

Top 7 Ways to Differentiate Fake Real Fragrances You Should Know - How to tell fake perfumes - perfume 5

In the process of buying perfumes, you should also note that quality perfumes often have the color of the solution is quite pale, because prestigious perfume brands often do not use many colorings in the its products to ensure the health of users.

Therefore, women can easily identify fake perfume if the product is very dark color, the fact that the fake perfume bottle is so dark because the fake goods manufacturers often use many colors. Chemical colors in products to look more attractive and attract the attention of buyers.

So when choosing perfume, if you feel that the product has a suspicious solution color, then you should consider when deciding to buy offline!

4. Series number

how to distinguish real fake perfume

Genuine perfumes always have a serial number printed directly on the bottom of the bottle. Depending on the design style of each brand, the number of series can be embossed, imprinted or printed with ink but necessarily will not be stuck on.

Besides, the serial number at the bottom of the bottle must necessarily match the serial number printed on the box. Therefore, if you see a perfume bottle without a series number or a series number that is blurred, not sharp or simply does not match between the bottle body and box, it is definitely a counterfeit product.

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5. Incense degree

Top 7 Ways to Differentiate Fake Real Fragrances You Should Know - How to distinguish fake real perfumes - perfumes 8

The fragrance is also one of the signs that helps her detect fake perfumes. Fragrances that are not genuine will certainly be volatile in a short time.

Meanwhile, standard perfume always has a fragrance level of at least 3 hours. So, when testing perfume, the product shows signs of deodorization in about 5 to 10 minutes, it certainly cannot be a genuine perfume item.

6. Cardboard cover in perfume container

Top 7 Ways to Differentiate Real Fragrances Every Woman Should Know - How to distinguish fake perfume - Perfume 10

Genuine perfume will have a cardboard cover used to line the bottle in the container made from fine, clean white cardboard paper, not grayed out like fake perfume. At the same time, the real perfume on the inside of the box is also designed to have a hole to keep the perfume bottle upright.

So, when buying perfume, you should pay attention to this important detail to avoid using fake goods, counterfeit goods.

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7. Scent

how to distinguish real fake perfume

No matter how sophisticated counterfeit products are, it certainly cannot fake the typical scent of genuine fragrances. Therefore, in the process of testing perfume if you feel the product has a strong smell of alcohol, causing discomfort, you should also reconsider your choice.

Because genuine perfume always has a gentle, cool scent and brings a sense of comfort to users.

Above are the ways to distinguish real and fake fragrances that you can refer to apply in the process of buying perfume. Through this article, hopefully every woman can learn more useful experiences and choose for themselves a favorite perfume product without having to worry about the quality.

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