Top 6 Fragrance Fragrance for Teenage Girls

Perfume Always a good weapon to help women can become more beautiful and more charming in the eyes of everyone. Especially for teenage girls, the demand for perfume scents is more focused because this is the age of high perfection and self-renewal.

So where are the perfume products that make teen girls easily flutter? Let's topnlist Refer to the list The scent is especially suitable for teenagers down below!

Collection Of Top 6 Fragrance Scents That Teenage Girl Wobbles

1. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

The first item on this list is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume belonging Dolce & Gabbana brand from Italy. This product is one of the fragrances loved by teenagers around the world because the fragrance is very gentle, sweet but leaves a deep impression.

  • Top notes are created by a combination of fresh notes of lemon, apple with the innocent charm of bellflower.
  • Jasmine, white roses and bamboo in the middle floor bring fragrant fragrance, gentle but extremely active.
  • Base notes are the presence of a seductive woody notes, mysterious amber notes and dotted with musk notes.

The combination of the above notes has helped Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue give young girls a fresh, separate, but no less unique fragrance.

Top 6 Fragrance Fragrance for Teen Girls - perfume that makes teenagers flutter - Brand Dior | Brands Dolce & Gabbana | Harajuku Lovers 1 Brand

Reference price: VND 2,150,000

2. Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet

Although just launched in 2014, Christian's Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet perfume Dior has made teenage girls in France in particular and the world in general to stand still because of the classic, sweet but no-naughty, innocent style.

  • The opening of the lively fragrance of Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet is the sweetness, freshness from Sicilian pink tangerine flavor.
  • Besides the timeless splendor with the smoothness and juicy nuances of pink peony, Danish rose, apricot in the middle floor which is very true to the dynamic personality of youth.
  • The white musk on the bottom floor carries a nice and elegant fragrance like the beautiful days of early spring.

Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet has brought a total of bold floral scent and love life, joyful for teenage girls.

Top 6 Fragrance Fragrance for Teen Girls - perfume that makes teenagers flutter - Brand Dior | Brands Dolce & Gabbana | Brand Harajuku Lovers 3

Reference price: 3,400,000 VND

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3. Harajuku Lovers Love

The next item on this list is the Harajuku Lovers Love fragrance in the collection Harajuku Lovers from the USA. This is an interesting choice for young women with youthful, loving life and full of femininity.

  • Harajuku Lovers Love opens with a breath of freshness from bergamot, grapefruit and peach, in addition to a bit of vigor, full of vitality of bamboo.
  • Peony, jasmine and rose extracts in the middle layer bring a gentle, pure aroma like the youth of women.
  • The base notes bring an optimistic, loving nuance of the fragrance of ylang ylang flower combined with vanilla.

Harajuku Lovers Love perfume has brought endless scents to the girls who are liberal, liberal but still prefer femininity. So, if the teenage girl has yet to find a good aroma, then experience it with Harajuku Lovers Love.

Top 6 Fragrance Fragrance for Teen Girls - perfume that makes teenagers flutter - Brand Dior | Brands Dolce & Gabbana | Harajuku Lovers 5 Brand

Reference price: 900,000 VND

4. Viva La Juicy

Viva La Juicy is a perfume product from Juicy Couture brand of the United States. Viva La Juicy is considered as a perfume bottle with great fragrance and charm, so the product has attracted a lot of attention from teenage girls with gentle styles.

  • The product has a top notes with the scent of wild berries, bergamot, cool, gentle and soothing.
  • Next is the fusion of gardenia, honey and jasmine in the middle notes making the girls feel sweet and romantic.
  • The base notes are made of amber, caramel, vanilla and candied fruits full of warmth and warmth.

Viva La Juicy perfume gives teenage girls a scent that is sharp and playful enough to make people pass by to look back.

Top 6 Fragrance Fragrance for Teen Girls - perfume that makes teenagers flutter - Brand Dior | Brands Dolce & Gabbana | Brand Harajuku Lovers 7

Reference price: 2,600,000 VND

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5. Super Model

Which is inspired by the fresh, sweet fragrance in nature, the Super Model perfume belongs Victoria's Secret brand from the US has conquered a lot of young girls by her fragrance.

The fragrance of the Super Model is simple but combined with each other to create a unique, youthful aroma with the presence of red fruits - cherry blossoms - musk.

With the sweetness, brightness and lightness coming from the scent of flowers and fruits, the Super Model perfume is always a companion for teenagers in every daily activities to increase the attractiveness and beauty. their beauty in everyone's eyes.

The perfume made the teenage girl flutter

Reference price: 1,200,000 VND

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6. Princess

Brand Vera Wang America is known for its outstandingly fragrant perfumes, of course Princess. Princess belongs to the modern and mischievous oriental floral scent, so it is very popular with teenage girls.

  • Princess perfume has a refreshing aroma that is very youthful thanks to the scents from green apple, pink tangerine in the first floor.
  • Add to that the scent of tiare flowers, tuberose, guava combined with sweet, attractive dark chocolate on the middle floor.
  • Finally, the warmth of vanilla, amber and some precious woods.

Thanks to the above factors, Princess perfume has made the girls fluttered by nobility, mystery but especially youthful.

The perfume made the teenage girl flutter

Reference price: 1,400,000 VND

A fragrance suitable for age and personality will help teenage girls can be more comfortable and more confident in life. With the top 6 perfume fragrances that make the teenage girl fluttering just presented above, hoping that every girl can choose for themselves a product that is very satisfied.

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