Top 5 Tips for Using Perfume to Help Her Fragrance Throughout the Day

Perfume is always one of the great tools to help women become more attractive and attractive in the eyes of those around them. However, when using perfume, women often encounter fragrances that are easy to smell in a short time even if they own a high-end perfume bottle. The fact shows that, not just spray a lot or use expensive perfume, the scent will keep long.

So how can the girls own the attractive fragrance in the long run? Please refer to these The secret to using perfume Here to keep the scent is gentle and longest on my body!

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1. Spray perfume on the areas of diffusion heat

When using perfume, remember that you should not spray randomly and arbitrarily on your body, because on the human body there will be special skin areas to help perfume can store and smell properly. , these are the heat diffusion points.

Top 5 Tips for Using Perfume to Help Her Scent Throughout the Day - the secret to using perfume - perfume 1

According to experts in the perfume industry, the points that focus on blood vessels and pulse are the best for diffusion. And when you spray perfume on those areas, the scent will spread very wide, and will also be retained longer on this skin area.

Thanks to that, whenever women go anywhere, women always bring that charming aroma that makes people around them have to look at their every move. The places that diffuse the heat on your body that you can choose to spray perfume on are the neck, wrists, back of the neck, ankles, knees, ...

2. Do not rub into skin after using perfume

Top 5 Tips for Using Fragrance to Help Her Scent Throughout the Day - the secret to using perfume - perfume 3

This is one of the habits that she needs to avoid during the use of perfume. This is because this action will cause the scent molecules of the perfume to be broken when rubbed against the skin, making the top layer of perfume fade, the fragrance smell will also disappear quickly. than.

In addition, this process heats the skin and produces natural enzymes that change the scent. Therefore, this unconscious action has caused the perfume to reduce the fragrance and degenerate the fragrance without you knowing.

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3. Add incense to your hair

Top 5 Tips for Using Fragrance to Help Her Scent Throughout the Day - the secret to using perfume - perfume 5

Perhaps a lot of girls still do not know yet another fragrance store is also great, which is hair. The amount of oil available in the hair helps the fragrance have a longer fragrance than when sprayed on the skin. You can put a few drops of perfume on the comb and then comb it into your hair.

This action will help the aroma evenly distributed in the hair as well as can spread in the space gently so that you can be confident throughout the day. However, you should also remember not to spray too much to avoid dry hair!

4. Focus on the time of spraying perfume

The secret to using perfume

The timing of the spray is also a very important factor in determining the fragrance's fragrance time. The best time to spray perfume is right after you have just showered, when the skin is in the state of rich moisture and cleanliness, the fragrance molecules will also easily cling. tighter on the skin surface.

In addition, when the shower is finished, the air around the body is covered with a thin layer of steam, scent molecules can then "enlist" to penetrate through the steam hole and disperse evenly. all over the body. As a result, the fragrance will be retained on your body in a very natural and delicate way.

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5. Moisturize skin before spraying perfume

The secret to using perfume

Perfume fragrance time of the body will be extended if you know how to take advantage of the secrets to create an ideal environment for perfume molecules to stick to for a long time. And moisturizer is a great base for preserving the fragrance of perfumes.

Before using perfume, they can apply a layer of moisturizer to the skin becomes smooth and absorb the essence of perfume effectively. At that time, the charming scent will surely remain on your body for a long time.

Choosing for yourself a perfume product with a pleasant scent is not easy, but how to be able to store the scent all day is equally difficult. With a few new secrets topnlist Share above, hoping that every woman can use perfume effectively so that the scent can lingering on the body all day long.

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