3 Suggestions For Belly Dance Costumes For Women

Belly Dance costumes - Belly Dance should choose how is appropriate? What are the tips to choose the best belly dance costume? Definitely these are the questions of many beginners of belly dance.

Collection of Ways, Suggestions How to Choose Belly Dance Costumes - Belly Dancing Useful For You

As one of the sports that have been introduced to Vietnam since 2007, Belly dance - Belly dance is still creating a strong "wave" and attracting the attention of women. Belly dance not only helps women feel more youthful through sexy, seductive movements but also helps to stretch muscles, "flushing" after school and stressful work. So, in order to help you have the costumes that are really suitable for belly dance, today we will look through 3 suggestions for choosing belly dance costumes under the following article.

How to Choose Belly Dance Costumes - Belly Dance Best

We all know that Bellydance mainly focuses on the hips, vibrates the shoulders, hands and waves (the front, back, up and down movements of the chest area). So it is important to choose a belly dance costume that just has to show the three main parts of the body: the chest, abdomen and hips, which makes it comfortable for the training process.

1. Belly dance costume for daily practice

3 Suggestions For Belly Dance Costumes For Women
Simple, Comfortable Daily Belly Dance Costumes

In the daily practice, the costume selection is not too difficult. Belly dance costumes are often used as long skirt or wide leg pants, with the skirt below the navel to create accents for the belly. This type of outfit is usually made from soft silk material, dotted with glitter or colorful layers of lace to create appeal.

In addition, the combination of crop-top (or two-string shirt) and alibaba pants is also an indispensable choice for girls. Croptop shirt is short on the navel and hugging the body so it will help "lift" the upper part of the body. Also, alibaba pants sewn on the hips, thighs with pleated lines and tapered tubes to the bottom of the calf will make you comfortable during the workout.

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2. Costumes for serious shows

List of 3 Suggestions For Belly Dance Costumes For Women
Belly Dance Costumes - Belly Dance Performing Gorgeous, Featured

At serious performances, women may consider choosing a shirt with the same skirt color, with sleeveless or long-sleeved, the belly button may be a bit open. Belly dance costumes for the performance should choose lace fabric with stones or beaded patterns so that when the light shines on it will make the belly dance costume become more colorful and vibrant.

In addition, headscarves, veils or jewelry straps wrapped around the forehead, around the waist are all accessories that should not be ignored.

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3. Costumes for comfortable performances

How to choose the best belly dance costume?
Belly Dance Costumes - Comfortable Belly Dance, Suitable For Hobbies

Similar to the belly dance costumes for serious performances, in the exchange show with a more relaxed atmosphere, you can completely choose the costumes with navel and sleeveless tops. This shirt is similar to a bra for women but will have sophisticated and colorful designs. Often these shirts will come with a ribbon or bead attached to the belt and hanging down to the navel to add charm to your every move.

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Above is an article that TopnList shares with you the suggestions, how to choose Belly Dance costumes to suit you best. There are many other criteria for choosing a dance outfit like that, but here, we divide it on the perspective of perception and events as the main. Because maybe you depend on your taste, your style is better. But with daily performances and episodes, it has a clear difference, so I need to choose according to the standards, combined with my preference for colors and styles to choose the right one and most satisfied.

This is a synthesized opinion from TopnList through your surveys from multiple sources? What about you, do you know about belly dance? You have chosen for yourself the costumes, belly dance performances like that? Let us know that with your comments below. The contribution of all those people is the look, and the suggestions for you later when you first know, just start belly dance. Because in the spirit, the knowledge shared here will not be enough to evaluate, not enough for everyone to choose, so each person has an idea is more interesting. Belly dance is also a gymnastics, arts and entertainment for all ages, all ages can participate.

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TopnList Wishing everyone good health, a good body and a beautiful outfit, gorgeous when it comes to belly dance.

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