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Top 03 Addresses Accepting "Pre - Order" UNIQUE TAROT Decks For Professional Readers

Pre - Order is not a new or strange concept to us. It means BEFORE. With reputable brands, some of their products indicate a very limited number of products in the world or are products for specific occasions. So if you want to own them, of course you need to spend a small amount of money to "put bricks" first.

For the deck of cards Tarot Also, there are limited edition unique designs that have never been seen before. There are also decks of cards that, after a few years, even dozens of years, by a newly published publisher or author, re-implement the design in limited numbers. Therefore, when there is news about the opening of Pre - Order, many people yearn and desire to have the opportunity to own them, becoming one of the "VIP" group members.

However, not everyone has the ability to contact to reserve a slot for themselves for many reasons. Can immediately refer to these Pre address - Order Tarot cards - Where Topnlist have found and found that it is a place of PRESTIGE and RESPONSIBILITY, trust you enough to contact, make a deposit in advance of your deck.

Collection of Top 03 Address Pre - Order UNIQUE Tarot For Professional Reader

1. Mystic House and Wichita - Tarot Coffee

Mystic House is so famous for the connoisseur of Tarot to beginners. This is still a top-ranking card shop over the years, frequented by professional and amateur readers to find new and additional decks to add to the collection.

Address pre - order post tarot

What about Wichita - Tarot Coffee? This is a RIGHT BRANCH OF Mystic House area Ho Chi Minh. Do not worry when buying here because the quality and benefits of customers remain the same as when buying at Mystic House.

About receiving Pre - Order applies to special decks, not released mass, but limited edition by the author, or of great value (from 1,500,000 VND or more). The deposit is about 200,000 VND - a small amount of money, just to make sure you are a serious customer. Once deposited, customers will receive a receipt with full seal and signature of the company representative.

Top 03 Addresses Accepting "Pre - Order" UNIQUE TAROT Decks For Professional Reader - pre - order tarot - Guu Shop - Cheap Original Tarot Shop | LT Shop | Mystic House And Wichita - Tarot Coffee 2

Another point that Topnlist saw that the customers who bought Mystic House's items with many compliments was the release of MYSTIC CARD CARDS - Tarot card offers at Mystic House Tarot Shop. Standard Cards are issued to customers after completing the first purchase order of cards at the shop with a minimum value of VND 600,000. And then there will be many more incentives come: discounts on purchases, free delivery, gift accessories ...

Address pre - order post tarot

More specifically about the "power" when owning this card, you can refer to the following link:

In order for a full tarot presentation to take place, what issues should you keep in mind? Along topnlist learn through the article below: Top 5 Things You Need To Note For A Complete Tarot View

Contact information

2. LT Shop

Top 03 Addresses Accepting "Pre - Order" UNIQUE TAROT Decks For Professional Reader - pre - order tarot - Guu Shop - Cheap Original Tarot Shop | LT Shop | Mystic House And Wichita - Tarot Coffee 5

This address is no longer "strange" but may have become "familiar" for some of you already because in the article sharing Top 3 tarot shops that DO NOT NEED REALLY in Ho Chi Minh, Topnlist mentioned. However, today will talk more about receiving Pre - Order of tarot cards LT Shop Please. There is quite a detailed and specific process that LT Shop has taken the time to write to make it easier for customers to understand:

Step 1: Find information on your favorite deck.

  • There are many places for you to consult information about Tarot but the most popular is probably, dubbed an encyclopedia of Tarot with detailed images. and specific review articles. In addition, you can use Google Search or Youtube to witness firsthand images and actual videos of the deck you want to buy.

Step 2: Order

  • After you have found all the information and decided to order one (or several) decks, you can contact me by sending an Inbox message via LT Tarot Shop's Facebook page or Contact section on the homepage. .

Step 3: Pay

  • After reaching the price, please deposit 100% of the total order value into one of the bank accounts on the website.

Top 03 Addresses Accepting "Pre - Order" UNIQUE TAROT Decks For Professional Reader - pre - order tarot - Guu Shop - Cheap Original Tarot Shop | LT Shop | Mystic House And Wichita - Tarot Coffee 7

All steps and procedures are complete, you can contact us via the hotline or Fanpage of LT Shop to confirm the order just placed again. Once the products are available, the packaging will be processed immediately.

Usually the transport will take about 2 days in the South, 3-7 days for the Central and North (maybe longer due to force majeure, holidays or the effects of natural disasters. period). However, one thing is for sure, you will receive the item that I expected soon.

Contact information:

  • Main address: 42/26 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
  • Hotline: 0968.574.166
  • Fanpage:
  • Website:
  • Payment and shipping policy:

3. Guu - Shop for cheap original Tarot cards

When you want to own an original deck of Tarot cards at reasonable prices, the address of Guu may come to mind for many of you. Guu is the place that provides genuine Tarot cards such as Lenormand, Oracle cards, gold-plated edges or themes of mysterious nature and other accessories such as linens, purifying stones ...

Top 03 Addresses Accepting "Pre - Order" UNIQUE TAROT Decks For Professional Reader - pre - order tarot - Guu Shop - Cheap Original Tarot Shop | LT Shop | Mystic House And Wichita - Tarot Coffee 9

With pre - Order form templates: reprinted, limited quantities, unique themes ... then you can book through Guu. However, you need to provide the shop with the name or specific information of the deck. Let shops search, calculate prices and report the expected ship time to your hands. The reason is because there are some decks from other countries, so the time to return to Vietnam depends on the location of the region.

Top 03 Addresses Accepting "Pre - Order" UNIQUE TAROT Decks For Professional Reader - pre - order tarot - Guu Shop - Cheap Original Tarot Shop | LT Shop | Mystic House And Wichita - Tarot Coffee 11

So the advice of Topnlist when you want to order in Guu is that you can contact the Shop directly via Fanpage or hotline. These are considered 2 channels to support the fastest feedback so you do not have to wait that long.

Contact information:

  • Address: 339 / 34A Tô Hiến Thành, Phường 12, District 10, HCM
  • Hotline: 0974.171.114
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:

So Topnlist has finished listing the places where Pre - orders of unique tarot decks on this list. According to Topnlist's survey and feedback from customers, currently in Ho Chi Minh only 4 of these addresses are PRESTIGE enough to guarantee when you want to book, own a special deck early. come on. In addition to these addresses, Topnlist hope you consider carefully, find out information before making a deposit of a certain amount of Tarot cards.

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  1. Mới mua bộ bài của mystic house về mà sài quá đã luôn, mượt tay mà màu đẹp mn, qua giờ tự rút cho mình mấy lá khai trương bộ bài mới liền

    1. sao giống tui vậy trời cứ như vậy mà giờ tủ bài có gần chục bộ bài, nhiều mà sài quài ko hỏng mà cứ mua mới kaka

  2. Mình có chia sẻ cách xem bài tarot nè, phí tùy tâm thôi chứ mình không mở lớp bài bản. Chỉ là muốn chia sẻ và kết bạn thêm cho cuộc sống thêm thú vị hơn

    1. chủ ý này hay nè, mình có bik sơ sơ về tarot cũng muốn tham gia các hội nhóm để học hỏi và giao lưu. Nghe thú vị đó

  3. Có ai như tui mê ngắm bài chứ ko bjk coi bài, không lẻ mua bài về để ngắm, thiệt nghiệt ngã,

    1. có tui y chan nè. Ko bjk xem bài mà cũng mê ngắm lá bài, kiểu chắc tui với bạn phải lập hội học xem tarot chứ ko phải đùa

  4. Mình được bạn giới thiệu mua ở Mystic house bài rất đẹp, mình cũng qua mua một bộ, đi bộ vào khá lười nhưng vào được tới nơi thấy bài đẹp mình thích lắm. Dự định mua 1 bộ thôi mà đẹp quá ko chịu nổi lại mua 2 bộ hjhj

  5. LT shop ở gần nhà mình nên thỉnh thoảng mình cũng mua bài bên này, chất lượng khá ổn, tư vấn cũng nhiệt tình

  6. LT shop ở gần nhà mình nên thỉnh thoảng mình cũng mua bài bên này, chất lượng khá ổn, tư vấn cũng nhiệt tình, và nếu muốn mua thì bạn cứ tham khảo từ trên xuống dưới, chỗ nào thấy chất lượng tốt hơn thì mua hén

  7. Mua bên Guu bài cũng khá đẹp và xịn, bạn nào chưa tìm được bài ưng ý thì có thể qua mua 1 lần xem sao nhé

  8. Nên nói mình là lập trường hay gì mn nhỉ? Mỗi lần xem trên trang online của Mystic House thấy bộ bài mới về đẹp là lo te rẹt qua mua. Mà qua rồi thì cũng xem bộ định mua nhưng thấy bộ khác đẹp hơn lại mua bộ khác chứ ko mua bộ như dự định. Bởi ta nói lập trường ko thể vững được với mấy bộ bài mn ạ. Hay do mình mê quá mn nhỉ

    1. Cũng giống tui nè, kaka vậy là cũng có đứa lập trường ko vững giống mình na.

  9. Có ai biết khóa học tarot nào ok ko ạ? Em định tự học mà nó mông lung quá

  10. Có ai biết khóa học tarot nào ok ko ạ? Em định tự học mà nó mông lung quá

    1. bạn liên hệ Mystic House xem sao, hình đâu lúc trước bên này cũng có dạy mà bây giờ mình ko rõ còn ko nữa

  11. Địa chỉ mua bài của Mystic House đối với các bạn lần đầu mua chắc cũng hơi khó tìm vì nằm trong chung cư. Nhưng với mình mua vài lần rồi thì cũng biết rồi nên cũng không cần qua luôn ấy, xem hình trên mạng rồi đặt online chuyển tiền luôn là xong. Chất lượng bài bên này mình thấy mua online vẫn rất đẹp nên không cần phải qua đến nơi để lựa luôn.

  12. Cả 3 nơi mình đều mua bài rồi, mình chơi tarot có thâm niên mà. Nhưng mà mình thích mua ở Mystic House nhất, về chất lượng và tư vấn đều khá ok nhưng có lẽ là cái duyên nữa, không hiểu sao lại thích mua bên này hơn

  13. Dịch này order có được không mn nhỉ? Mình đang ưng 1 bộ mà ko biết đặt thì bao lâu mới về

    1. Hên xui bạn nha, cứ liên hệ hỏi xem sao, có khi mấy shop đó lại có sẵn hàng

  14. Mình mới mua một bộ ở Mystic nè thấy hài lòng ghê, mở ra có hướng dẫn bài bản, có bảo hành đổi trả nữa rất an tâm luôn.

    1. bạn giống tui giữ, tui cũng mới mua 1 bộ ở mystic cách đây 1 tuần nè. ưng ý lắm luôn đó.

  15. có tài liệu nào tự học tarot không mọi người? dịch này đang ở nhà mình định nghiên cứu thêm bộ môn này

    1. cách đây mấy năm mình thấy Mystic có mở lớp dạy tarot online đó, h thì ko biết sao, bạn liên hệ hỏi xem

      1. bạn từng học chưa vây? mình định mua sách về tự học mà mông lung quá

  16. nếu mua chơi chơi thì mình thường mua trên mạng, tầm 200k là có một bộ ok à, còn muốn đầu tư bài chính hãng vs có nhiều lựa chọn thì nên đến Guu hoặc Mystic, 2 chỗ này bán bài chuẩn nhé

    1. Mua bài chính hãng giá chát nhưng chất lượng chất như nước cất, bộ bài dùng 2 năm vẫn còn đẹp thì cũng đáng nhở

      1. đúng rồi bạn chát xíu mà đáng, mình cũng thích mua bào ở mystic house là do vậy đấy.

    2. Tiền nào của đó mà. Không dững dưng mà cùng một món đồ mà chỗ bán giá thấp chỗ bán giá cao. Nhưng riêng mình thì mình nghĩ không mua thì thôi, còn mua thì để dành tiền mua một bộ bài chất lượng.

  17. Bài mua ở Mýtic House rất ok, mình dang sử dụng 1 bộ 2 năm rồi mà vẫn ngon lành cành đào.

  18. Bài tarot ở mystic rất mượt, có những bộ đẹp cực luôn, vừa nhìn là mình muốn chinh phục ngay và luôn ý. Mà điều kiện của mình chưa cho phép rinh hết các em ý. Nhưng không sao. Mystic house ơi! chờ tôi nhé.

  19. Is it good to buy tarot cards at LT Shop? Should I buy tarot cards at LT Shop? The LT Shop sells a reputable tarot, is there any scam, I see the introduction but still not satisfied, so need confirmation.

  20. I have accepted the purchase of tarot cards imported from the United States, who needs to contact me, please comment below to leave your phone number. My family has a family in America so I bought these and sent them cheaply

  21. Address branding tarot original safe quality and reputation, which one to buy? The whole family knows about the address information as well as other tarot buying and selling services that share more

  22. Mystic House sells reputable tarot cards? Does Mystic House sell quality tarot cards? Does Mystic House sell fake and fake products of poor quality and safety?

  23. Introduce the whole house to sell some tarot cards here. Shoppee tarot cards, lazada tarot cards, tiki tarot cards, buy tarot cards on sendo, ... Many e-commerce platforms they are still selling it up to buy it

  24. 100k tarot cards, good old tarot, good tarot, tarot tarot, tarot tarot, tarot tarot, tarot tarot, tarot tarot, tarot, tarot, tarot, tarot

  25. Original Tarot Card Shop What Do You Need To Find For? Are you able to view tarot cards? Want to buy a nice, quality tarot deck? Here are 3 stores for sale

  26. Question: Are all current selling shops in Vietnam importing cards of the same quality?

    A: False. Currently in Vietnam only shop Saigon Mystic House ( is the size of a standard Tarot store (the number of items available is over 500 titles; has a clear sales address; has a sales website and guaranteed online stores; has a business registration; Can import items from all over the world; has warranty for fault cards, leaves missing; has price list cards and public fees), and is also the only shop that operates as a business. legal.

    This shop has special promotions for customers especially when buying with friends or buying multiple sets, as well as having links with other organizations organizing useful exchange programs related to Tarot.

    If you participate in social activities in reputable Facebook groups of Tarot enthusiasts like Tarot Vietnam or Tarot & Life, you also have the opportunity to buy quality cards at a more favorable price. When choosing to buy items from shops with such clear information, you can be completely assured of the origin and quality of the deck; Even if your deck fails or unfortunately lacks, loses or damages, you are still entitled to the same warranties as getting a new deck or replacement cards.

    This is very important because the error rate of Tarot cards is small but still possible, but when buying unknown cards, poor quality cards ... from vague sales places, you are easy to lose. post warranty benefits when an objective incident occurs.

  27. where to buy tarot cards with books? Because I have just learned tarot and know it, because I am not familiar with it, so there are tarot decks, I don't know what it is :)

  28. 1. Waite-Smith Tarot

    The Rider-Waite Tarot is a classic title and perhaps the best known deck in the world of Tarot in general and the West in particular. This is considered a deck that redefines the standard of Tarot cards as well as becoming a standard for over 90% decks of Tarot cards currently in circulation. Other versions: Original Rider Waite Tarot, Radiant Rider Waite Tarot, Universal Waite Tarot.

    Images of deck of cards Rider Waite Tarot

    2. Thoth Tarot

    One of the most famous Tarot titles in the world, painted by the mystic researcher and member of the Golden Dawn Society, the legendary Aleister Crowley. Although still one of the classic titles, Thoth Tarot contains kabbalah and astrology symbolism systems from The Book of Thoth, requiring users to have a certain knowledge base to be able to catch the best.

    Image deck of cards Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot

    3. Tarot of Marseilles

    Lo Scarabeo's Tarot of Marseilles gives users who love the old-fashioned style of the Tarot 78 system a different worthy option to own this famous deck. On the one hand, this version of Tarot of Marseille retains the characteristics of the famous old Marseille system and successfully connects the old Tarot system with new details to increase comfort. , easy for users to solve problems, including the addition of other popular European languages besides French.

    Image deck of cards Tarot of Marseille

    4. Deviant Moon Tarot

    Deviant Moon Tarot is a title set in a strange, surreal world, faintly distorted from the moonlight. 78 cards depicting characters created by author Patrick Valenza from his imagination after long time observing old cemeteries and mental hospitals as well as dreams - nightmares - from childhood. The author took more than 3 years to complete the deck, but there are cards he started sketching more than 10 years ago; Therefore, this deck has reached a level of detail and perfection in every detail.

    Currently the deck has a borderless version of Deviant Moon Tarot - Borderless Edition

    Images of Deviant Moon Tarot deck without borders

    5. Wildwood Tarot

    The Wildwood Tarot was published by John Matthews and Mark Ryan, inspired by pre-Celtic myths and shamanic anecdotes. The deck takes you to a beautiful world inhabited by classical forest-based prototypes, including humans, archers, oaks, etc., and a detailed interpretation system that links specific features. of these prototypes with the traditional Rider Waite Smith system.

    Wildwood Tarot decks

    6. Druidcraft Tarot

    The Druidcraft Tarot is an invitation to enjoy and appreciate the richness of Mother Earth, the natural world, the rhythm of the harvest. 78 cards are considered to have a very high depth of meaning, forming a perfect tool in helping users to advance deeper to enlighten themselves. Well-known researcher Philip Carr-Gomm and his colleagues created a highly detailed nature-themed Tarot deck, with a visual system that clearly reflects the standard Rider Waite Smith tradition.

    Photo deck of cards Druid Craft Tarot

    7. Morgan Greer Tarot

    Launched more than 30 years ago, Morgan-Greer Tarot has always been one of the best Wa Rider Smith adaptations. Considered to be the first borderless deck in the world, the Morgan-Greer Tarot by Lloyd Morgan, Bill Greer brings a sense of spaciousness thanks to the more detailed images on the display area of The card is larger than the traditional image.

    Images of the deck of cards Morgan Greer Tarot

    8. Gilded Tarot

    The Gilded Tarot is the first deck of cards to surpass the limits - and prejudice - when not only possessing a stunning digital imaging system but also following the standard Rider Waite Smith tradition. Any Tarot user who is familiar with Rider Waite Smith will quickly notice the familiarity when using The Gilded Tarot, and vice versa, those who just learned Tarot will still easily learn this type without need to start with ancient traditional titles.

    Gilded Tarot decks

    9. Steampunk Tarot

    Steampunk Tarot is a traditional 78-card deck of cards but in a non-traditional world. Card images tend to be digital, but make you feel extremely impressed when watching! The card uses a slight magical tone, giving the dealer a sense that they are returning to previous centuries, or another world. The guide was written by Tarot expert, Barbara Moore.

    Image of Steampunk Tarot deck

    10. Shadowscapes Tarot

    The magical world of mermaids and dancing fairies of Shadowscapes Tarot makes the deck one of the most beautiful Tarot titles in history. With an image system based on Rider Waite Smith, Shadowscapes Tarot is a true work of art in the style of watercolor painting and meaningful content that mixes many topics about Asia, Celtic and the fantasy of female artist. Dr. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, as well as being inspired by fairy tales, myths and folk legends from cultures around the world. The level of detail in the image of this deck is very high and has a soft, flamboyant characteristic that is hard to match.

    Shadowscapes Tarot decks

    Tarot Cards For A New Experience

    11. Transparent Tarot

    Transparent Tarot is one of the most unique Tarot decks in the world both in terms of structure and usage. This is the first card to be printed on clear plastic with an image system modeled on Rider Waite Smith, and the convention is solved by placing cards on top of each other. This "unique" method brings a new perspective to the traditional Tarot when a combination of images of different cards (vertically) can be used to intuitively open and explore the deep inside aspects of the deck user.

    Image deck of cards Transparent Tarot

    12. Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

    A deck of cards with a somewhat surreal visual style, Tarot of the Silicon Dawn evokes feelings of a modern world where reality and fiction overlap - a time when people become dependent on work. technology and media. The deck has 99 cards with artwork mixed with animation and surrealism, and the use of bold, high-contrast colors shows an effort to go beyond traditional rules, giving users the ability to more profound and subconscious, discovering oneself further, and associating more.

    Image of Tarot of the Silicon Dawn card

    13. Cosmos Tarot and Oracle

    Cosmos Tarot & Oracle is a "dual" deck project consisting of 78 traditional Tarot cards and 22 Oracle cards crystallized from a collaboration of 100 artists, inspired by the galaxy in the night and released. limit. Cosmos Tarot & Oracle has many similarities in visual style: clear, detailed, colorful and equally abstract. The captivating sparkle of the starry night sky and celestial objects are recreated in Cosmos.

    Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck image

    14. Circle of Life Tarot

    Circle of Life Tarot is one of the rare Tarot titles in the world designed in a circular shape, based on the thought of the cycle of reincarnation and one's life: born from dust, die to dust. 78 cards is a combination of the usual Tarot symbol system with unique, imaginative drawings of life's journey. The characters in the deck are creatures that characterize the four basic elements and have a mythical appearance, emphasizing the characteristic of the cycles.

    Images of the Circle of Life Tarot deck

    15. Book of Shadows Tarot Vol.1 and Vol.2 (As Above - So Below)

    Renowned Tarot researcher Barbara Moore - author of dozens of Tarot books - came up with the idea for the series of two titles, Book of Shadows, and As Above was the first deck of cards in the series. The image of As Above depicts the energies that belong to the universe and to the gods, in contrast to the other deck of cards in the series, So Below - depicting the daily real life of the human world. Both decks follow the Rider Waite Smith structure and are considered a powerful pair of decks that help users identify and learn from the resources around them.

    Images of the couple of Book of Shadows Tarot decks

    Tarot Cards For A New Perspective

    16. Chrysalis Tarot

    Chrysalis Tarot is a deck of cards with bright and detailed tones in the Pagan style, using the traditional Tarot symbol system combined with new ideology from author Toney Brooks under the drawing of artist Holly Sierra. Chrysalis Tarot can be considered as a "hybrid" Tarot deck with Oracle cards, like Angel Tarot or Art of Life thanks to the design that both ensures the traditional element and blends new, innovative and modern details.

    Picture of Chrysalis Tarot deck

    17. Linestrider Tarot

    The Linestrider Tarot is a unique deck based on the traditional Tarot system but uses more disruptive images. In particular, experienced Tarot users will find astrological symbols and alchemy and prefer new features in traditional images, while new Tarot users will find the deck to be very easy capture and contain visual codes.

    Images of the Linestrider Tarot deck

    18. Tarot of the New Vision

    Discover the secrets behind the popular deck of Rider Waite Tarot. Peek behind these familiar images and see what you see. What would the landscape be like when the woman in the Two of Swords leaves open her blindfolded cloth? Have you ever imagined someone or something behind the High Priestess priestess? Change your perspective, add more meaning to your problems, and satisfy your curiosity.

    Tarot of the New Visions deck of cards

    19. Lost Code of Tarot

    Enter the parallel world where Tarot is present in life. Designed by artist Andrea Aste, the Lost Code of Tarot deck looks like it was created in the age of alchemy masters. This deck of Tarot is filled with metaphorical images and magical language. Inspired by the code of Leonardo da Vinci, the deck is reminiscent of a time when science and magic were mixed.

    Images of the Lost Code of Tarot deck

    20. Dreams of Gaia Tarot

    Set Tarot For A New Era. The philosophy of the "Dreams of Gaia Tarot" deck is simple: to find, feel, grow and heal. Based on the structure of a traditional Tarot deck consisting of a main and a sub-set, but combining them with new prototypes, symbols and meanings to better suit the present time, the deck 'Dreams of Gaia Tarot' creates a more personal, familiar, and more efficient system that allows you to use the deck as a map of your life's direction.

    Images of the Dreams of Gaia Tarot deck

    Tarot Cards About Religion and Self Contemplation

    21. Osho Zen Tarot

    When life is full of worries and doubts, people will tend to find new sources of direction and inspiration. While traditional Tarot aims to satisfy the desire to search for the past and the future, and answer questions such as What will happen in the future ?, What will be my health and children ?, Or What if I choose one decision instead of the other?…, then Osho Zen Tarot focuses on Zen principles with the task of helping users improve their understanding at present. now, right now.

    Osho Zen Tarot deck image

    22. Sacred India Tarot

    The Sacred India Tarot is the only title to reconcile and successfully combine the two mysterious flows of world culture: Western Tarot and Indian legend. This combination and reconciliation is cleverly performed under the attractive drawing of Jane Adams without "breaking" the specific elements of each field or leading to cultural identity. The sacred Indian legend is considered to be one of the few spiritual themes that still "live" to this day. That makes The Sacred India Tarot bring spiritual and spiritual energy as well as contemporary resonance elements hard to compare.

    Images of the deck of cards Sacred India Tarot

    23. Buddha Tarot

    The idea of combining Buddhism and Tarot may seem strange, but Buddha Tarot proves interesting similarities from the character patterns and the context of the deck. The journey story in episode 22 is the main hidden figure of Buddha Tarot that describes the metaphorical path to enlightenment of the Dalai Lama.

    Images of Buddha Tarot decks

    24. Pagan Tarot

    The Pagan Tarot deck depicts the experiences of the Witch and the sorceress Pagan in a combination of traditional Wicca prototypes and modern style with traditional Tarot structure. Pagan Tarot is considered an indispensable tool for those who study and love Pagan's mysterious natural style in seeking guidance to solve problems from the mundane to the mundane. secret.

    Image deck of cards Pagan Tarot

    25. Hermetic Tarot

    Once a popular title in the world, Hermetic Tarot was re-published and became one of the rare titles still circulating using a high-end image system, far from the standard Rider Waite Smith that heavenly. on the field of influence studies on constellations / planets. The images on the 78 cards consist of only white and black tones, but the level of detail of the images is very high. Hermetic Tarot was previously used by Golden Dawn member Mathers; Therefore, users need to have experience in Tarot and knowledge of Thoth / Golden Dawn to better grasp the deck.

    Image deck of cards Hermetic Tarot

    Tarot Cards About Animals and Nature

    26. Animism Tarot

    The Animism Tarot connects Tarot symbols and animal symbols, where each card represents a different animal, combining the power of that animal and the traditional meaning of the corresponding card. . Designed to adhere to the basic standards of Rider Waite Tarot, The Animism Tarot is easy to use for all types of users while ensuring familiar traditional details and bringing more layers of meaning to the user. Further explore myself on the mental side.

    Image deck of cards Animism Tarot

    27. Animal Totem Tarot

    Animal totems are powerful allies and guide those who are looking for connections to their endless energy. From the air, both on land and deep in the earth, or quietly in the dark - all animals have their own spiritual lessons and wisdom that will help you on your journey. yourself. Beautiful and charming, the animals display their knowledge without words. Let them convey the message to the deepest part of you with this Animal Totem Tarot deck.

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