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Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands

When wishing to buy industrial printers, surely a lot of people will wonder what type of printer to buy well, which ones are the most popular. Depending on the different needs, each customer can choose the most suitable printer.

And here, Topnlist will introduce to you “Top 10 famous industrial printer brands so you can refer to and choose yourself a brand that best serves the job.

Famous Industrial Printer Brand

1. Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Known as the brand of industrial printers supports businesses very actively in the printing process.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 1Industrial printer brand Konica Minolta

Some advantages of Konica Minolta industrial printer brand:

  • Full color printing system.
  • Print color is adjusted automatically with the feature of density, gradation, color balance so the printing speed is always accelerated.
  • High resolution of prints.
  • Integrated color care device.
  • Konica Minolta printers optimize both efficiency and cost by ensuring print speed, print volume and print quality.
  • Print on many types of paper.

Some types of Konica Minolta printers stand out:

  • Konica Minolta C6100
  • Konica Minolta C3070
  • Konica Minolta C2060 Printer

2. Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox is the brand of industrial printers currently selected by many businesses for high-tech products, delivering quality prints. As a brand originating from Japan, Fuji Xerox always meets customers' requirements for a high-quality, advanced printer line.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 3

Fuji Xerox brand industrial printer of top quality

  • Fuji Xerox printers always have a large capacity.
  • Provided in full color and black and white.
  • Vivid picture quality.
  • High speed and productivity.
  • The paper tray has a self-retracting mechanism, so it's quick and easy to load paper.
  • Lights and sounds from the printer will alert the user about unrecognized prints.

Fuji Xerox industrial printers always have many models to suit the different needs of each business.

3. Ricoh

Ricoh is also an industrial printer brand originating from Japan. The reason why Ricoh brand industrial printers are very well received by many customers is thanks to the optimization and modernity in their products.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 5

Ricoh brand industrial printers are always chosen by many people

Besides, Ricoh also conquers customers thanks to:

  • Ricoh brand printers are always committed to high quality output for prints.
  • Colors are vivid and clear on a wide range.
  • Giving print products in a short time, stable processing performance.
  • Print on paper with a rough surface.
  • A direct ink supply system helps the publication to achieve high color coverage.
  • Product completion time is short compared to other industrial printer lines.

4. Epson

When it comes to the famous printer brands nowadays, it is certainly impossible not to mention the brand Epson. Epson printers always deliver good print quality at very reasonable prices.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 7

Epson brand industrial printers offer absolute quality

Advantages of Epson brand industrial printers:

  • Printer products use inkjet technology to create beautiful colors.
  • Print quality is crisp to every detail, ensuring quality for even complex prints.
  • Epson industrial printers are manufactured on modern lines, high quality materials, so they always ensure durability.
  • USB connection, flexible wifi.
  • Many quality products with different designs.

Some typical products:

  • Epson L805
  • Epson L310
  • Epson L120

5. HP

HP is a brand of industrial printers manufactured in the United States, this brand is currently used by many businesses and gives very positive feedback.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 9

HP brand industrial printers

  • All HP industrial printer products are always equipped with modern and advanced technology.
  • Fully capable of connecting wifi, bluetooth through technology devices.
  • Extremely large print volume.
  • High speed printing.
  • Capacity suitable for both small businesses and large businesses.
  • Image definition is always guaranteed.
  • Memory is large.
  • The ability to save energy.

Some outstanding types of industrial printers:

  • HP 2420N
  • HP 3005DN
  • HP LaserJet Pro M501dn.


LINX is a brand of industrial printers currently very famous, this brand comes from England - one of the countries with a very developed industry.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 11LINX brand industrial printers offer the most perfect quality

When choosing a LINX brand industrial printer, customers will certainly be satisfied by:

  • The products are ruggedly designed with simple operation.
  • The quality of prints is always clear and sharp.
  • Having good tilt helps reduce dust accumulation
  • Saving toner efficiently.
  • No compressed air, no need to adjust the pressure thanks to the system automatically adjusts according to the pressure parameters.
  • Equipped with a time setting function to notify the time that the machine needs maintenance.
  • Can monitor LINX printers remotely.

The famous LINX industrial printers:

  • Linx 7900
  • Linx SL501
  • Linx 8900

7. Brother

Brother is also a brand of industrial printers currently very popular in the market. All types of industrial printers manufactured by Brother always possess the most optimal characteristics, bringing high printing efficiency to better serve the operation of the business.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 13

Brother brand industrial printer

  • Durable.
  • Modern design, lightweight.
  • There is a paper tray with large capacity and discreet drawers design to help prevent dust.
  • Fast print speed, clear prints.
  • Convenient and quick connection via USB.
  • Large capacity ink tank.
  • Flexible paper handling and marginal printing.

8. Toshiba

Another brand of industrial printer is also very reputable, that quality is Toshiba. Toshiba industrial printers always make customers dissatisfied with their durability and efficiency.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 15

Toshiba brand industrial printer for beautiful light colors

  • The products are manufactured on modern technological lines from Japan.
  • Fast print speed, guaranteed performance.
  • Print head, rotating shaft are easy to replace as well as clean.
  • Printouts are always clear and sharp.
  • Whether in the high temperature environment or high humidity, the Toshiba industrial printing equipment still ensures good operation.
  • High power saving ability.

9. Canon

Canon is also the brand of industrial printers that many businesses trust and choose. Canon industrial printers are always highly appreciated in terms of function as well as design elements.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 17

Canon brand industrial printers are highly appreciated for their quality

  • The durability of Canon industrial printers is guaranteed.
  • Print is sharp and certainly does not occur blurry, smudged.
  • High resolution
  • Support many different connection types such as wifi, USB, ...
  • Diversified printing technology: inkjet printing, laser printing, color printing, black and white printing, 1-sided printing, 2-sided printing.
  • Simple design, easy to manipulate while in use.
  • There are a full range of products from affordable to premium.

10. Samsung

Samsung Perhaps a name that is not new to the electronics market. The brand of Samsung industrial printers, thanks to its outstanding products, has brought high business efficiency to businesses.

Top 10 Famous Industrial Printer Brands - - Brother | Canon | Epson 19

Samsung brand printer industry leading reputation

Advantages of Samsung industrial printers:

  • Manufactured on modern technology.
  • Works with high power.
  • Image quality is sharp, colors are true and vivid thanks to the high resolution.
  • Save toner efficiently.
  • Wifi is able to connect, so it is very easy to operate.
  • Affordable to fit most customer needs.

Above are the top 10 famous industrial printer brands that have just been introduced by Topnlist to readers. Hopefully, with the information shared above, your business and facility will get a true quality industrial printer suitable to the production scale to bring the highest economic efficiency.

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