Top 10 Most Checked-In Cafe For Young People In Sapa

In addition to famous landmarks such as peaks Fansipan, majestic Hoang Lien Son range; Ta Van, Cat Cat villages are picturesque or special dishes of the Northwestern people, Sapa also has 10 super nice cafes that are constantly checked in by young people. Let's take a look at these HOT HIT names together Topnlist Instant!

Introducing The Most Beautiful Cafe In Sapa Checked In The Most 

1. Cat Cat Riverside Cafe

This lovely cute cafe is located in Cat Cat village (at the waterfall of a wheel), San Sa Ho, Sapa town. It is known by the young people for its airy, peaceful and beautiful river view. The owners are still young, so they are very enthusiastic and friendly, making visitors feel comfortable and comfortable "at home".

In addition to serving coffee, you can also have lunch at the restaurant with typical dishes of Sapa. Ray and materials provided by the village should be delicious - clean - reasonably priced.

10 nice cafes in Sapa are checked in the most


Cat Cat Riverside Cafe

  • Address: Bản Cát Cát, San Sả Hồ, SaPa, Lào Cai
  • Opening hours: Open all day

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2. Plus Cafe

The name is not new - one of the cafes is so familiar with young people in Hanoi or Saigon. If you come to Sapa and want to try the feeling of sitting at Cong Cafe Sapa, please visit the address of 37 Xuan Vien Street. Drinks here are abundant and varied with quality and reasonable prices.

Although the space is small, it still retains the uniform decoration and design in a communist system, bringing a feeling of closeness and familiarity with visitors.

Because the temperature in Sapa is often cold and cold, Cong has placed a cozy heater so that when he goes outside in the cold, visitors will be warmed immediately.

Live virtual cafes in Sapa


Plus Cafe

  • Address: 37 Xuan Vien Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province

3. Le Gecko

The cafe has a nice view overlooking the town, the staff is extremely friendly and reasonably priced, so many visitors choose to make a stop to see Sapa a bit slower. The shop has large indoor and outdoor space with 03 addresses. Establishments 01 and 02 are in French style with gold tones and Bordeaux is the main.

But if you visit base 3, you will have a sip of coffee in a small and simple wooden house, decor in the style of the Mong people. The price of drinks is quite reasonable, only from 30,000 VND - 50,000 VND. In addition, the restaurant also serves bread and pastries as well!

Beautiful coffee shop in Lao Cai


Le Gecko

  • Base 1: No. 033 Xuan Vien,
  • Base 2: No. 02 Ngu Chi Son
  • Base 3: No. 015 Xuan Vien
  • Opening hours: 07:00 - 22:30

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4. BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop Bar

Received a lot of votes as one of the most beautiful cafes in town because this cafe is located on the rooftop of BB Hotel Sapa. Not overlooking the river to the mountain or the village, this cafe has two extremely expensive views that other places cannot have, which is to look out over the entire town center and view the most famous 5-star hotel in Sapa - Dela Couple.

With such a view, the price here will obviously be much higher than the common ground. So if you have plenty of finance, you should save and come to this Cafe!

Nice view cafe in sapa


BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop Bar

  • Address: 08 Cầu Cầu Street
  • Opening hours: 07:00 - 23:00

5. 1991 Sapa

The trend of decor cafe in many different styles to attract young people to check in seems not too strange. Yet in Sapa still exists a well-prepared place for drinks and menus, taking care of them not only delicious but also beautiful. That is 1991 Cafe Sapa.

Only the very simple wooden tables and chairs like the old houses, the lights are not sophisticated, special but have a pleasant, cozy and extremely close feeling when stopping here. Definitely an unforgettable experience for anyone visiting 1991 Sapa.

Top 10 Most Checked-In Cafe In Sapa - The Most Beautiful Cafe In Sapa - 1991 Sapa | BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop Bar | Cat Cat Riverside Cafe 5

Contact information

1991 Sapa

  • Address: 35 Xuan Vien
  • Opening time: 07:00 - 23:00

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6. Gem Valley

Go to the top of Cat Cat village, meet the impressive 2-story wooden stilt house, that is the Gem Valley's territory. Young people almost know because this is one of the cafes owning a beautiful view in Sapa. Gem Valley is not only a cafe but it is also like a gallery displaying paintings of Hanoi painters on the mountain town to settle down.

His paintings are used to decorate throughout the home. The shop also has two large spaces inside and outside, rustic brick walls, wooden doors and extremely cool climbing flower truss. A new long table made at Gem also makes sightseeing of tourists easier and more romantic.

Top 10 Most Checked-In Cafe In Sapa - The Most Beautiful Cafe In Sapa - 1991 Sapa | BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop Bar | Cat Cat Riverside Cafe 7


Gem Valley

  • Address: At the beginning of Cat Cat village, about 3km from the center of town

7. La Dao Spa and Coffee

Among the coffee shops in Sapa, it is not easy to find a place like "landscape" like La Dao Spa and Coffee. The "landscape" here is when sitting on a swing at La Dao, watching the clouds floating first seem to be about to cross the surface, hear the murmuring of water from the nearby streams and zoom eyes. on green terraced fields or shiny golden rice in ripe season. When sipping a hot cup of coffee or a cup of tea, nothing could be more wonderful.

Top 10 Most Checked-In Cafe In Sapa - The Most Beautiful Cafe In Sapa - 1991 Sapa | BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop Bar | Cat Cat Riverside Cafe 9


La Dao Spa and Coffee

  • Address: Ta Van Day, Ta Van, Sapa and Lao Cai villages
  • Opening hours: 07:00 - 23: 000

8. Turning In Sapa

With the dominant red color, Turning in Sapa is quite a ghost and blur. Not only does it serve coffee, but it acts like a small pub with music not too loud and noisy. The space of the bar is quite large, there is a bar, a billiard table, a long table with views overlooking the street, ..,

If you choose to sit coffee or sip a cocktail here, it is still very OK because your story will not be interrupted by the noise too loud at all. In addition, in Turning In Sapa, there is a pretty "attractive" dish that is young Shisha.

Top 10 Most Checked-In Cafe In Sapa - The Most Beautiful Cafe In Sapa - 1991 Sapa | BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop Bar | Cat Cat Riverside Cafe 11


Turning in Sapa

  • Address: No. 05 Thac Bac
  • Opening time: 07:00 - 23:00

9. Fansipan Terrace

Fansipan Terrace - a very cute cafe and check-in location located on Fansipan Road, less than 1km from the stone church. This is a place shared by young people headlining on social networking sites over time. Actually, the bar is very suitable for those who want to spend some time "quiet" to watch Sapa, mingle with nature and sip some drinks.

From this position, it is easy to see the "sea of clouds" if they appear, also can look directly down the beautiful Muong Hoa valley "no dead angle". In addition to drinks, if you go in the morning, you can also order a light meal of Terrace to enjoy!

Top 10 Most Checked-In Cafe In Sapa - The Most Beautiful Cafe In Sapa - 1991 Sapa | BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop Bar | Cat Cat Riverside Cafe 13


Fansipan Terrace Cafe

  • Address: 67 Fansipan, heading towards Cat Cat village
  • Opening time: 07:00 - 22:30

10. The Hill Station

The first impression when entering the restaurant is rustic and simple through each item and decoration. The shop has 2 floors built of wood and stone. The furniture is neatly arranged, the tables are simple in design, and on the table is a small flowerpot. Stop where you feel like you are calm, separate or away from the bustle behind.

The menu of drinks is also quite rich, accompanied by them are a few pastries so you can sit and sip and chat together.

Top 10 Most Checked-In Cafe In Sapa - The Most Beautiful Cafe In Sapa - 1991 Sapa | BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop Bar | Cat Cat Riverside Cafe 15


The Hill Station

  • Address: 7 Mường Hoa, the center of Sapa town
  • Opening time: 07:00 - 22:30 (weekends will open until 23:00)

Make your experience journey full of emotions and colors, and not spend a lot of time searching for information, save now 10 cafe addresses Come on in. Besides, what to eat in Sapa? Where? Visiting places? ... are all topics Topnlist listed in the previous article. Remember to find and save it!

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