Top 10 Secrets to Create an Incredible Linkedin Account (profile)

You are interested in the social network LinkedIn, you are looking to create a quality LinkedIn account. In addition to building a personal brand to get the attention of employers, you can also post your shares to be shared by many people and viewers.

So how to build a LinkedIn profile "quality like distilled water" for yourself? Below are the steps you need to remember and indispensable to perfect your LinkedIn account.

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1. Background

Why is TopnList not the first avatar but the Background? There are many shares that rank the Background after the avatar, but in fact, with the little avatar of your child when the user interacts with your Profile, the one that hits their face is the Background. The background can show what you are, what you do and how, so choose photos of your achievements, team activities you like and see most outstanding,….

2. Avatar

Avatar is what people can see you, show you anywhere when you comment, click like a post, a share or a certain job on LinkedIn. And really attracting, creating an impression when looking at your avatar, you should have a serious investment. Since LinkedIn is a social network about job seekers and recruiters, seriousness, clarity and freshness definitely score in this section.

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3. Headline

There are a lot of people who make the mistake of placing Headlines on their LinkedIn accounts, because the thought that shows the jobs, positions were here will stimulate employers. But no, it won't do you any good in this regard. Instead, you should talk about a little personal, or seeing yourself in the most concise, concise words possible. You can refer to LinkedIn accounts that have a high reputation.

4. Summary

A lot of LinkedIn accounts create or leave this Summary blank, but because LinkedIn created this section, does it mean it is for a certain purpose? Because somehow they put in. So please make full use of and it's best to tell your own story here. Here you do not focus on introducing and "flaunting" your skills, but make it truly personal, truly colorful in style, nuance of yourself, show your personality. multiply.

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5. Buzzwords

Using Buzzwords properly, in the right place is an extremely good thing, but almost a lot of your mistakes are that you are using Buzzwords too much when you use too much in the headlines or summaries on LinkedIn Profile . Because Buzzwords is a double-edged sword, when used rarely, in the right place, it makes a very sharp point, but overusing it becomes meaningless, fake, not convincing.

6. Network

Creating an account and whether it's quality or not, trustworthy and engaging or not, connections with you are a point to be worth. But when you first create, you will definitely not have any connection, you should connect and sync in your email, where you will be introduced to connect with people who have contacted your email and already have account. Plus you can search for connections such as the same school you study, the same industry and field you are working on, change, ...

7. Skills

When listing in your account about the titles or positions you have done, it is a good thing, but in reality the employer they need more about your skills. Because where your skills are, your position and worth will be evaluated there. So fill in all the skills you have because it not only helps recruiters see you meet your requirements, but also makes it easier for employers to find because they will be more inclined to search by keywords about skills.

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8. Service Provided

Services is a relatively new feature of the social network LinkedIn, this section is more for retailers and small businesses to introduce their services already and are providing. Therefore, when filling out services (Services) on your LinkedIn profile, list them fully and in detail, thereby helping your account increase visibility in search results of businesses with services. need.

9. Test your skills

This is very important to validate your credibility and the skills you are real, and as a result the credibility of your skills and your account will be enhanced. But how can this endorsement from the community? Obviously want to give away so you do not hesitate to view accounts with the same skills and confirm, please politely request for authentication.

10. Management of testimonials

Being certified by the community doesn't mean that your profile is reputable. Because the fact that your strong skills need to be verified, there are few but unrelated skills, if your strengths are not shared, this will make your highlights blurred. So you need to be proactive in hiding, showing your skills, and realizing accordingly.

Above are the steps and basic notes for you to complete a quality Linkedin profile for yourself. Make an impression on the employer, who needs with the small and complete details.

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